What is a Command-line interface (CLI)?

CLI stands for Command-line interface, a text-based user interface that both beginners and advanced users can use to run programs. Through this text-based interface, users can command the computer to perform specific tasks. 

In CLI, after the user gives the command, either the result appears in the text form or the computer performs the requested task. It is also widely used as character user interfaces or console user interfaces. Nowadays almost all major Unix-based system comes integrated with both command-line interface and graphical user interface. 

Although now most users prefer using a Graphical user interface, the command-line interface is still common among software developers and in some cases system administrators who like to work on precise yet user-friendly interfaces. 

Many beginners avoid using the Command-line interface as they think it is more suitable for advanced users but that’s not true. CIL is ideal to use for beginners.  

Some of the examples of CLI are MS-DOS operating system as well as the command shell in the Windows operating system

What are the advantages of CLI? 

 1.Best Performance 

You can complete your work faster if you are familiar with CLI and know the commands as opposed to using GUI. With the CLI, several tasks can be handled simultaneously.

  2. Low-resolution monitor

It runs well on a low-resolution screen, too, since CLI is a text-based interface. On the other hand, GUI programs almost always require a high-resolution screen.

3. Compatible with a slow processor

Any processor can run CLI, regardless of its speed. In addition to being fast, they don’t require extra processing power.

4. Easier for remote work

Communication with devices is made easier by CLI. Commands can be accessed remotely also. The CLI interface allows you to connect different types of services to your PC.

5. History of commands

You can view the history of commands if you execute them in CLI. If you want to reuse those commands again, simply use the up/down arrows on the keyboard.

What are the disadvantages of CLI?

 1.Hard to remember 

In the CLI, there are many commands to remember. There are more than 100 commands in UNIX. It can also be difficult to remember the sequence of commands because some commands are used in conjunction with others.

2. Error handling can be an issue

Any typo in your command can result in deleting any file or moving the file to the wrong location. You might lose important information if you delete any file accidentally.

3. Confusing for first-timer

CLI can be confusing for new users. The platform is difficult for first-timer to understand. 

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