What is Cloud Backup Service Provider?

A cloud backup refers to the transmission of an organization’s in-house data to remote servers of third party service providers.  The data is picked up from a local hardware system, encrypted using a sophisticated software so to prevent unauthorised access or tempering and then transferred to the data centres of the service provider. Sensitive data generated in course of business operation is the lifeblood of modern organization. Well-established cloud backup service providers offer comprehensive security measures like data encryption, virus scanning, regular security checks, etc. to maintain the integrity of your highly sensitive business data. Another important feature of cloud storage is that the stored data is backed up in multiple places so change occurring at one place is reflected in all the backup sites. This way you do not have to manually backup your data, which is a time consuming affair.

Backing up your data at your own premise is not cheap neither is it risk free. You have to make significant investments in external hard drives and backup tapes. Additionally, manually backing of data requires manpower and time investment. Online storage frees you from the worry of purchasing additional storage hardware to back up your constantly increasing data as well as offers you the much needed peace of mind arising from the fact that your business critical is stored safely in remote servers and you can access them anytime and from anywhere that you wish.

The cloud gives any organization the requisite tools to allow its employees to work from anywhere. Cloud storage eliminates the restrictions placed by location as employees with the necessary permission can access and modify any files and documents from anywhere. This enhances employee productivity as everybody is aware of what others are doing. Also, data that is stored in the cloud can be accessed from a variety of devices like smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, etc.

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