What is Cloud Based Point of Sale (Cloud-based POS)?

Cloud based point of sale is a POS system where any type of transaction information is delivered from a remote cloud service. The service is accessible over the internet and is far more advantageous than what the traditional hardware based POS systems offers. The biggest advantage is the reduction in costs that is suiting the small businesses. In fact, it can be said cloud POS is proving beneficial even to the large e-commerce stores and enterprises who are involved in selling their products and services at business trade fairs, conventions, exhibitions etc.

The traders and farmers and other small professionals also look for cost-effective POS solutions. POS software is developing at an amazing speed and several companies are relying on using their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets rather than using the cash registers which now have become obsolete. The cloud based POS software is compatible to all the point of sales hardware.  Another significant advantage is that vendors can get access to their customer data from any location and at any time with the only requirement being an internet connection. Other benefits of cloud based POS include centralization of information and no major upfront investment on deployment.

Low startup costs are very advantageous to the end user but the key factor here would be the subscription or license fee if any that they would have to make. Cloud based POS system is very useful to the retail industry. The retail POS system comes with a cash register that includes a computer, cash drawer, monitor, receipt printer, customer display and barcode scanner. Another feature that is beneficial to all is the credit card and debit card reader. Additional features include weight scale, signature capture device, credit card processing system etc. New all-in-one unit’s software that handles sales, returns, discounts, promotions, loyalty programs and many more are also available.

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