What is Cloud enabled Networking?

Cloud enabled networking refers to a process of using Cloud computing to operate and manage a computer network. It uses Cloud computing infrastructure, its application and services to control a network of physical or standard computers.

Cloud enabled networking enables transition of forms of network management processes. It transitions a few or all forms of network management systems and policies from or to a Cloud Service.

Cloud enabled networking is a type of Cloud networking.  Here, in a Cloud enabled networking, the standard physical network provides all core networking infrastructure, routing, all other networking service with packet forwarding. Cloud enables the networking administrative process, security, management of network, monitoring and maintenance etc in a Cloud enabled networking.

Benefits of Cloud enabled Networking

Cloud enabled networking is a cost saving process.  It is also well known for improving networking efficiency, scalability as because it uses infrastructure of Cloud hosting. Cloud enabled networking is capable of working over any public or private physical infrastructure through only an internet connection.  Cloud enabled networking does not need any additional hardware except the hardware needed for basic connectivity of internet. This is a great relief from any upfront cost.

Cloud enabled networks are similar to virtual private network. It allows the users to access their files, applications, etc from any location of the world, on any device.

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