What is Cloud File Sharing?

Cloud file sharing is a system where cloud computing technologies are used to share files among various users. The cloud storage and other collaborative services are integrated to allow multiple users across the globe to share files via the internet. File sharing is an important way of communication in today’s corporate world. It has eased the way of communication between employees, customers and clients.

Cloud file sharing is a process where a file is saved and uploaded online. The file is given a unique URL that the file owners can share with other users who can download and access the file from any global location and at any time. Cloud file sharing has enabled the small and medium businesses to use it as data backup and allowed employees of an enterprise easy file accessibility.

There are several benefits of cloud file sharing. Firstly, it reduces the dependence on on-premises hard drives. Another advantage is the bandwidth capabilities which is not available in normal file sharing. The cloud file sharing process is highly secure. The providers use encryption, high security data centers, access restrictions and password controlled authentication, remote wipe capabilities to safeguard the files. Businesses have turned to cloud file sharing as it allows its employees to access the files remotely from their tablets and smartphones. Some of the leading providers allow replacement of on-premises file servers which gives the business benefits of reduced VPN (virtual private network) costs. But it does require the user to be technically capable to manage the files stored outside the data center. Cloud file sharing also enhances the file syncing as employees could be accessing the files from different devices like a desktop while at home, their mobile device while on the move. This has advantages like of quick and easy accessibility to files.

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