What is Cloud Linux Hosting?

Cloud Linux hosting is the delivery model of pre installed Cloud Linux operating system in multi-tenant environment. The arrangement brings all the advantages of virtual private servers to users of shared hosting. Cloud Linux operating system is exclusively designed for users of shared hosting and ensures isolation of every user of shared hosting into lightweight virtualized environment by partitioning, allocating, and limiting vital resources of server for optimum utilization.

Cloud Linux OS solution reduces possibility of downtime that may be result of excessive resource utilization by one or more tenants. It also offers greater security by effective separation of tenants or caging for prevention of security infringement. Users of shared hosting that is enabled by using Cloud Linux servers can experience a highly secure, stable, and efficient website performance.  Web hosting providers are able to make optimum use of server by utilizing almost 80 percent of server capacity for maximum revenue generation. Cloud Linux OS enables ease of selection of PHP versions and also supports with regular updates. In addition to this customer can also select different versions of Python and Ruby.

Hosting providers are allowed to limit resource consumption for every tenant. Customers can also be offered add-on resources in the event of capping. MySQL governor offered in Cloud Linux ensures effective monitoring of MySQL usage by restricting abusers. This improves overall performance and stability of server. Hosts are able to design hosting packages based on resource utilization and hence can sustain existing customers and acquire new accounts. Cloud Linux helps add more customers per server without causing resource crunch for other tenants.

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