What is Cloud Load Balancing?

Cloud load balancing is a cloud computing terminology. In simple terms, it refers to the the process of distributing workloads across multiple computing resources. Cloud load balancing maximizes availability of resources and reduces costs associated with document management systems. It is a type of load balancing and not to be confused with Domain Name System (DNS) load balancing. While DNS load balancing uses software or hardware to perform the function, cloud load balancing uses services offered by various computer network companies.

Load balancing shares the processing work between multiple computing devices which results in faster delivery of services with greater efficiency. Load balancing is accomplished through software, hardware or both, and it often uses multiple servers that appear to be a single computer system.

 Elastic load balancer pricing works on the formula of pay for what you use. Data is transferred through elastic load balancer and the charging is done each hour or partially. Elastic load balancing pricing is nothing in front of the maximization it brings in the performance and the level of reliability it brings in.

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