What is Cloud sourcing?

Cloud sourcing, a well-known process in today’s time, enables the cloud products as well as services to be outsourced to one / more cloud service providers. It facilitates the organizations to acquire their complete infrastructure from the cloud, so that it can easily incorporate with every platform. To be more precise, it is considered to be an outstanding future of computing, where businesses of all possible sizes are quickly searching for the cloud to cater their IT needs.

What is the purpose of cloud sourcing?

The purpose of cloud sourcing is to minimize investment and tap into an outsourced expertise by moving cloud applications off site. Cloud sourcing helps businesses cut down their capital expenditure and also manpower cost they would have otherwise spent on maintaining work staff on-premises.

What are the various cloud outsourcing models?

Cloud outsourcing is usually done in one of the three models –

IaaS – also called the infrastructure as a service model, in IaaS the cloud infra in its entirety is outsourced to a hosting provider.

PaaS – platform as a service, the highest-selling cloud framework, that let businesses procure a ready-made platform to start launching business applications.

SaaS –  software as a service is an even simpler cloud model wherein only the business apps are outsourced without configuring the backend cloud and linked network.

With Cloud sourcing, every IT needs can be resourced on value computing billing representation with results ranging from storage, software, network, raw computing power and an extensive enterprise IT solution. The services of cloud sourcing are classically vertical, that are intended to fulfil a precise business section’s IT requirements.

If your business is on expansion scale and the existing employee leaves, then you ought to start on the backbreaking search for some innovative talent. In addition, it has been recommended that you need to pay hefty amount in search of a new employee. For this, the feasible option is cloud sourcing and it is basically the practice of appointing freelance employees. Even though it is enviable to decrease the costs of online business, these reductions have to be performed very carefully. Few companies are so goal-oriented to cut down their overall online cost that the entirely loose the sight of their venture.

It is a similar trend of outsourcing where the businesses outsource few or all-possible business operations to third-party vendors. With the arrival of cloud computing and augmenting flexibility of diverse products or services provided under this expertise, it is simple to offer the cloud a very simple solution. This solution will break a lot of preceding barriers as far as cost, scalability, and platform interoperability is concerned.

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