What is Cloud Storage Service Level Agreement?

Cloud Storage Service Level Agreement (Cloud Storage SLA) is basically an agreement or a contract between a customer and a cloud storage solutions provider. It has all the pertinent details that are related to the provider’s storage infrastructure. This is inclusive of maintenance, operations, fault tolerance claims, etc. Also included are the minutiae on backup, information security, data governance policies, service availability, max available storage capacity, programmatic read or write operations, and other similar services.

The Cloud Storage SLA also entails uptime, redundancy, availability, and related service delivery assurances that the provider warrants the customer. It also lays down the compensation that’s afforded the customer in the event of violation or compliance failure. This type of agreement is a critical contract between the provider and the customer. This is because storage is delivered by the provider to the customer from a remote location and this process has several potential risks involved, such as data loss and security and privacy issues. If the Cloud Storage SLA is in place the provider would have to ensure the maintenance of the agreed-upon service levels, and they would be liable to reimburse the customer in monetary or services terms in case of realized risks. While the Cloud Storage SLAs do provide all the pertinent particulars on data storage and uptime guarantees, customers should try and get these agreements customized for data archiving and cloud backup too.

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