What is Cloud storming?

Cloud storming in its simplest term could be used to refer to the assembling together of multiple cloud environments. This term, alternatively, is also used by organizations or businesses to generate creative ideas and solutions on cloud computing environment or cloud computing projects through intensive discussions.

Cloud computing without the slightest of doubts could be ranked along with some of the best and most innovations made in the field of IT. While the term’ cloud hosting’ has been around for quite some time, the term cloud computing has started o gain traction in recent times with organizations both large and small across the globe adopting this technology wholeheartedly.  A large number of organizations around the globe are leveraging the power of cloud computing achieve their business objectives and gain competitive advantage in the marketplace. Cloud storming as such assumes added significance as it can help organizations, who quickly adapt to this technological innovation, to rise above their competitors, while at the same time spelling dangers for those who refuse to embrace it.

The above definition gives a basic idea about what cloud storming really is and what it signifies. Building upon this definition, we are now in a better position to delve a bit deeper and find out what cloud storming is or refers to.

Cloud storming—explained in detail

In more technical scheme of things, cloud storming could refer to the use of more than one cloud computing platform or environment to link networks delivering specific data for specific tasks.  For example, we can think about an organization with an intricate or elaborate IT operations making use of this technology to source a set of software or applications from one cloud platform where as another set of software and applications are sourced from another cloud platform.  Organizations may take to cloud storming, or taking help of multi cloud environment to derive their computational resources, if they think it helps them save cost, add value or optimize a project.

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