What is CMSimple?

CMSimple is a free Content Management System (CMS). Available under a GPL or AGPL license, it is the smallest, simplest, and smartest CMS of the lot.

Some features of CMSimple:

• The complete system is less than 100 KB. All the data is

• Not only is it simple to install, it is also simple to modify. For installation, all the user has to do is unzip the download; upload files and folders to the web server; assign necessary write permission for some files; and voila! You can now log in and work with CMSimple.

• The entire site is stored in two files- content.htm (for content) and pagedata.php (for page related data). There is no need for a database. The user can edit their entire site with their favorite HTML editor and upload the content file to get a dynamic website.

• It offers an integrated WYSIWYG editor with link validation, image handling, automatic backup on logout, and online editing of system files.


Like all modern CMSs, CMSimple strictly separates content and design. The user is able to fundamentally change the appearance of their CMSimple website within just a few minutes. All they have to do is upload a new template and activate it.

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