What is CRM Hosting?

CRM hosting is a method of outsourcing Customer Relationship Management capabilities in part or full by enterprises from hosting service providers. Enterprises can use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) hosting for getting access to CRM software VIA Internet as a model of cloud computing. It is a SaaS (Software as a Service) model of service because software is offered to the client as a service by hosting service provider or a company.

The entire service is deployed, accessed, and maintained by using Internet. CRM hosting can is offered to end users without any requirement of hardware or basic infrastructure at the delivery end. All the tasks related to backend operations are performed by the vendor company. These tasks include provisioning of computing infrastructure, servers, networking, maintenance, and regular upgrading. CRM hosting allows organizations to improve revenues with efficient management of customer relationship without losing focus on their core competencies.

CRM hosting empowers small as well as medium sized enterprises to establish a full-fledged CRM process and gain competitive edge over larger organizations. CRM software hosting is superior to conventional in house CRM process in terms of operating and infrastructure costs. Companies can leverage exclusive customization capabilities of hosted CRM software to improve user adoption.

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