What is Data Center Optimization?

Data center optimization is a method being adopted to improve the efficiency of a data center in the best possible ways with reduced resource usage and without sacrificing on quality and functions. The facilities of a data center are several. It is used to store various types of information including customer transactions, inventory, vendors, products, transactions etc.  The information keeps increasing and the data center owners look for means to improve its performance and capabilities.

Virtualization: One way of data center optimization is to work on the virtualization technology and reduce the dependency on hardware components and servers. Network virtualization is permitting creation of huge network environments covering data centers spanning across several countries.

Moving to the cloud: Another possible way of data center optimization is to adopt cloud computing.  It reduces the need for managing and maintaining physical infrastructure and can look at distributing the workload between physical hardware and any one type of the cloud.

Better Power usage: With better and more efficient bandwidth capabilities allowing data centers to extend its reach, organizations are toying with ideas   of deploying data centers in remote locations in cooler climate zones. Countries like Iceland have very low power price structures and the data center providers are relying on hydro-electric and geothermal power looking to create a green hosting environment. There is no doubt an energy efficient and well maintained data center can create better power usage effectiveness.

Improve cooling variables: Possibilities of poor airflow and energy drains can never be ruled out. For better data center efficiency factors like rack placements, slab or raised flooring, aisle control, server density etc. have to be considered. Organizations should also deliberate over using predictive trend analysis looking at present situation and future requirements. Optimization will lead to lowering of operational costs. This savings can be effectively used to improve the infrastructure facilities.

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