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What is Distributed Cloud?

Distributed cloud is a cloud computing terminology used to describe an arrangement wherein the same file system provides access to multiple clients. It also allows them to perform important operations like create, delete, modify, read, and write. Each file may be partitioned into several parts called chunks. Each chunk is stored in remote machines. Data is stored in files in a hierarchical tree where the nodes represent the directories. It facilitates the parallel execution of applications. There are several ways to share files in a distributed architecture. Each solution must be suitable for a certain type of application relying on how complex is the application, or how simple it is. Meanwhile, the security of the system must be ensured. Confidentiality, availability and integrity are important for a secure system. Nowadays, users can also share resources from any computer/device, anywhere and everywhere through internet thanks to cloud computing which is typically characterized by the scalable and elastic resources - such as physical servers, applications and any services that are virtualized and allocated dynamically. Automatic synchronization is required to make sure that all devices are up-to-date.

 Is cloud computing a distributed model computing?

Cloud computing, in many ways, is similar to distributed computing model, even though there are some nuances between the two. In cloud computing the resources of a server is distributed among several users who can then perform as many tasks as required. However, in distributed cloud a single task is divided into subtasks and then allocated to several users. The result thus obtained from each end user can then be compiled to obtain the final result.

Is edge computing part of the cloud?

Edge computing is a part of Content Delivery network instead of the cloud. The aim of edge computing is to bring the storage and computation closer to the location where it is required. A distributed cloud almost always work in collaboration with edge computing to enable swift delivery and collection of data from end users. The aim underlying edge computing is to reduce the latency as much as possible and enhance user experience all throughout the network.

What is distributed computing with example?

Distributed computing example –

Say an application involves solving the following –

(2+3) X (5-4) – (2+1)

The tasks is then doled out among three users –

User A is allocated the task to compute (2+3)

User B computes (5X4)

C will compute (2+1)

Another user D will compile all results obtained from users A, B, C, and D and calculate the value of the expression. This is how distributed cloud works.

What is edge architecture?

Another user D will compile all results obtained from users A, B, C, and D and calculate the value of the expression. This is how distributed cloud works.

What is edge architecture?

Edge architecture involves bringing the delivery network closer to the end user in order to reduce the latency and speed up the overall computation. It also enhances the security of core data by rendering the less crucial data around the core storage.

For bigger distributed cloud, edge architecture is necessary because the users far away from the delivery network would experience low uplink and download rate, which could then compromise work.


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