What is DokuWiki?

DoKuWiki is open source wiki software written in the PHP programming language. It is device-independent and works on simple text file, so it does not require any database to store the information. Rather, all the data is stored in the PHP files resulting in this speed-up the performance of the wiki site.

DokuWiki can be used as private note book, project workspace, software manual, corporate knowledge base and much more. It has many built-in access control list, supports over 50 languages, is very easy to install, use and customize many new pages can be easily added into it. It requires very low level of maintenance.

Here are some features listed that makes Dokuwiki a unique software:

• It is very easy to handle; even a non-admins can upload images and attachments.

• It provides interwiki link support and is a way to link from one wiki to another using simple syntax.

• You can edit only a section of a page instead of opening the full page.

• Using access control list – you can set the different user permission for each page, group of pages or the whole web site.

• There are many plugins; using them you can extend the functionality of Docuwiki without hacking the original code.

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