What is Drupal Content Management System?

Drupal is a free content management system (CMS). It is an open-source CMS which has been coded in the PHP programming language. This is also a web applications framework for websites which are content rich. This is one of the most extensively used CMS globally. Drupal CMS also has a large community base of developers, called the Drupal community, which has developed thousands of modules for use by users of this CMS. The framework has been developed in such a way as to be easy for users with no programming background to be able to develop and administer the website. The community can also be used for discussing the issues and finding the solutions to the problems.

As per the statistics available for usage of project Drupal, it can be known that Drupal content management system has been used in more than 11.97 lakh websites till beginning of 2016. This makes it one of the largest CMS in use globally nowadays. Some of the largest organizations, such as media and publishing companies, schools, profit and non-profit organizations, etc have been using this CMS.

Drupal comes with some core modules and themes. The core modules of Drupal include descriptive URLs, blogs, books, comments, forums, polls, advanced search, multi-site support, multi-level menu, caching, RSS feed, user profiles, workflow tools and multiple access control measures. Drupal also comes with a variety of themes which do not require designing effort from the users. Besides, this content management system has a number of user-interactive feature, such as drag and drop, which can be used for quickly creating the websites. These can also be customized as per requirements.

Another important aspect of Drupal CMS is that it supports more than a hundred languages worldwide. Thus, if someone has plans to develop a multi-lingual website or portal, then CMS gives this support in development. It is easy to enter the data using web fonts or keyboard based input to its text areas. It also supports those languages which are read and written from right to left, such as Arabic.

Drupal has also been developed in core to help the people with disability. It is one of those frameworks which ensure equal and easy web accessibility for all people. For this reason, it is suited for development of websites for blind, motor disability, auditory, seizures and cognitive disabilities.

These multifarious utilities of drupal content management system makes it one of the most preferred one for content-rich website development.

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