What is the difference between Cloud and VPS Server?

VPS or a Virtual Private Sever is a partitioned piece of a physical server by using process of virtualization. However, cloud is not a part of a single server. In fact cloud is a network of multiple servers that are networked together to form a cluster or a virtualized environment and is often referred to as ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ (IaaS).

In cloud server environment, the data processing, storage and dissemination operations are executed by a pool of servers that are located in diverse geographical locations. Cloud is not a singular object, but it’s a virtualized framework for improving availability, efficiency, and integrity of data by reducing latency.  A virtual private server operates from a single location of a data center and depends on single physical server for its performance. In contrast cloud draws its resources from underlying network of multiple servers and therefore is less prone to failure due to downtime of any of these underlying servers.

Resources such as bandwidth, RAM, and overall compute power of cloud servers can be scaled up dynamically in response to demand. Cloud servers are more of utility services, since users are not utilizing defined computer instances. Accordingly customers are offered pay-as-you-use billing methods in cloud environment.

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