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What is Fault tolerance?

Fault tolerance is the ability of a computer operating system to continue to function without any hindrance even if there is a hardware or software failure. This means the computer is automatically diverted to an alternate backup product so that it eliminating disruption of services. The users have to consider all the possible ways that a computer can be affected and take preventive steps to avoid failure.

One common example is at times of power outages. The users have to be connected to some type of uninterrupted power supply like backup generators or UPS systems with automatic diversion to ensure there is no disruption in service. Similarly, in hardware failure, fault tolerance is achieved by redundancy. Have an alternate device ready to immediately replace the component giving trouble to ensure there is not much of time lost in service availability.

It is highly advisable for all businesses to have a backup done to the data on a regular basis to avoid any unexpected data loss. Fault tolerance is possible by mirroring of disks and every activity is duplicated on two or more systems to enable immediate shift to the other systems at times of failure of the primary component. Periodic software updates and operating system upgrades too can enhance security levels of the system.

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