What is Fedora?

Fedora is a Linux based open source, free operating system. Users can modify, edit and distribute it without the need of purchasing any license. The operating system has been designed and developed by a group of people who have joined together to form a community called Fedora project. The project was founded in November 2003 and is supported by RedHat. It has a vast community with over 1.2 million users as on early 2016. Fedora first got its name in the year 2007 at Cornell university when Sandy Payette and Carl Lagoze together created Flexible Extensible Digital Object Repository Architecture(FEDORA).

The latest version is the Fedora 24 with GNOME 3 desktop environment. It brings in many improvements on the Fedora Workstation desktop. It is a powerful OS and comes with a smooth user interface and offers many graphical tools that are suitable to developers. Fedora server comes with the rolekit framework and cockpit project that has speeded up its deployment. It runs with a terminal and several server applications. Fedora cloud image is smaller than the server and makes it faster and easier to deploy. Fedora cloud can be deployed in private or public cloud infrastructure with the OpenStack Heat and cloud-init tools.

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