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What is Hybrid Server?

A hybrid server is a kind of Internet hosting service which provides a combination of both physical and virtualization servers. A hybrid server is a new technology in server engineering that offers both the power of a classic dedicated server and the flexibility of cloud computing. On hybrid dedicated servers hardware are 100% allocated to user. The price is however lower than dedicated servers. The server is separated into hybrid server environments using Red Hat KVM or any other virtualization. Each hybrid environment is securely isolated and has guaranteed resources available to it which ensures a high level of performance and responsiveness. A hybrid server combines all of the benefits of virtualization technology with the performance of a full dedicated server.

What is a hybrid environment? What is hybrid cloud?

A hybrid environment is a model of cloud computing combining both public and private cloud models. At any instance, both the cloud components are simultaneously working. Data may be completely stored in either model or partially distributed between the two.

It is interesting to note that hybrid server is not necessarily a combination of two cloud models. A physical server and a virtual server combined can also constitute a hybrid server or a hybrid environment.


What is hybrid virtualization?

Virtualization means separating resources or/and services from a physical delivery system (here: physical servers) within a hybrid cloud. With hybrid virtualization you can create several virtual systems by leveraging the pre-existing physical component of a hybrid server.

For a more comprehensive understanding, refer figure below.

Dedicated                        Cloud


                                            Hybrid Server


This physical delivery network within the Hybrid Server has its resource divided into several parts to create multiple components behaving as separate servers themselves.

What are the benefits of hybrid cloud model?

Hybrid servers combine benefits of both public and private clouds. Below are some advantages, to list a few –

·         More secure than just public cloud


·         Better accessibility than private architecture


·         Reduced cost – Public cloud component can be provisioned at a lesser rate

·         Better performance


What does on premises mean in cloud computing?

If cloud computing is installed on premises it is most likely Private Cloud model.

On premises in computing means any application software or service that has been procured over the company’s own infrastructure instead of leased third-party space.

For example, private cloud.

Thus, any server that sits at our organization’s real estate is on premises IT solution. If the underlying hardware of cloud is also provisioned within your office space, it is on premises cloud computing.

Note – Not all private clouds are located within the organization’s estate. The term Private means the access is restricted to select people or on a select IP. One cannot access private clouds unless there is required IP access.

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