What is IIS (Internet Information service)?

IIS expandable to Internet information services is a web server created and developed by Microsoft. IIS is used as a server with the Windows operating systems. It was initially released as Internet Information Servers for use with the Windows NT series of operating systems although it does not come as a default. IIS supports NNTP, HTTP, HHTPs, and SMTP. The name was later changed to Internet information services. Microsoft has designed IIS to work along with Windows operating systems on similar lines as Apache works with UNIX/Linux based operating systems.

IIS users are able to use the Windows FrontPage technology with the WYSIWYG user interface to construct their web pages. IIS allows the clients to use the ASP technology and ActiveX controls to amend web pages before the content is sent back to the website visitors. The clients can customize the components i.e. they can add or remove any of the components with their own modules to suit their individual needs.

IIS 10 is the latest released version included in Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 operating system and comes enabled with the HTTP/2 by default. It reduces the latency and connection load on the web servers. User can point multiple host names to the same website.

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