What Is Managed VPS?

One of the main factors that make business owners consider moving from the shared hosting to the VPS servers is that they get complete control over the virtual server. It requires someone to monitor the server constantly for good performance. The host offers the choice of taking care of the server. The clients pay the host for the server rent and also for its maintenance and management. This is called managed VPS.

Proactive monitoring:

The host takes complete server responsibility right from the time of installation. Server monitoring is crucial as it keeps your website going. The host offers proactive monitoring and the technical experts in their team constantly monitor the server to identify any points that may create issues and nip them at the bud level before they erupt into major problems. This ensures the servers are in good condition at all times. It improves the security level. With constant upgrades to the operating system and disabling unwanted OS functions the host configures the server making it more robust and difficult to penetrate.

Data backup and recovery:
Possibilities of data corruption is one major cause of worry to the business owners. With managed vps hosting, the host offers regular data backup where all the crucial and important data is copied and stored. The clients have all the data on hand even if it is lost due to server corruption or any other reason.

With managed vps services the clients are assured of maximum availability and highest performance. Software updates and patches are done regularly to keep the site stable. They do the server reboots as and when required. The host extends dedicated technical and customer support round the clock over the phone and chat for any services you may require at times.

More time and resources:
Managed hosting takes away the stresses of server maintenance from the client. The client has more time to focus on their core business. It saves them from the need of employing technical professionals paying them salaries and perks. Hiring staff is a time consuming process and has to be done over and over again as and when a staff quits. This process takes away precious time and energy that could have been more useful for developing the business. Even otherwise if they have technical people on their rolls, they can be freed from the server maintenance burden and be asked to develop new applications that could further help the growing business requirements.

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