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What is Mantis Hosting?

Delivering MantisBT open source system for bug tracking by hosting service providers to users is known as Mantis Hosting. Ideal Mantis Hosting providers fulfill the basic requirements of Mantis BT including PHP 5.2+, Apache 2,2.X, and support for MySQL 4.0+ and PostgrSQL. It is recommended that an efficient database backup system is also provided to support significant information stored by Mantis. Web hosting service providers offer one click install facility for MantisBT via admin control panel.

MantisBT is used for facilitating bug tracking throughout the entire Software Development Lifecycle. It also helps tying of bug reports to individual versions of software projects along with tying the resolutions to specific release. Users can also get automatic change logs to understand particulars of release that is fixed.

MantisBT also be used for reporting of work-time estimates as against elapsed work-time. MantisBT also supports scheduling and planning future releases. It offers automatic generation and publishing of road maps and also provides highlights of future releases.

MantisBT can be easily configured and adapted to suit workflows and allows setting up of custom statuses and defining the order of statuses to ensure status ordering. It can automatically alter project status based on specific triggers or based on pre-defined criteria for permitting such changes. In order to create sophisticated plugins and integrations, users are allowed to code customized functions.

Mantis development team can always be accessed to resolve issues in addition to easy access to forums as well as documentations. Mantis hosting is suitable for enterprises that rely on a unified system to track software bugs or performance issues of websites.

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