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What is MIME?

MIME expandable to multipurpose internet mail extensions is technique that makes it possible for transmission of electronic mail data over the internet. It enables the users to receive and send different types of audio, video, pictures, graphics and any other programs via the internet mail system.

MIME messages comes with the MIME headers which are used to describe the message content type and the type of encoding. MIME type is a way of identifying files on the internet as per their format. MIME Version indicates if it is formatted in the correct version. Content type reveals the data’s internet media type and subtype. Content Transfer Encoding specifies the encoding that is being used in the text. Content Description gives information about the content while Content Disposition explains name of the file and the attachment settings using the attribute of a filename.

Every email including those created manually and the automated ones are transmitted via the SMTP (simple mail transport protocol) in the MIME format. The main features of MIME are its support to non ASCII characters and viability of attaching multiple attachments in a single mail. MIME can send messages of any length and the text can be written in any format.

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