What is OnApp?

Onapp is a comprehensive infrastructure-as-a-service platform for web hosts, telcos and other service providers. Basically, it is an organization that develops industry-specific cloud management, storage software and CDN for service providers and enterprises. OnApp automates all cloud orchestration management, firewalls, billing capabilities as well as pre-integrated load balancing, and management tools that help companies to build their own cloud. In addition, it offers heterogeneous server and storage devices as a single pool of resources that can be delivered to clients and end-users in an on-demand pattern. The term OnApp has also been pronounced as “Cloud On-Ramp” software.

The most distinguished aspects of OnApp’s platform is its integrated CDN, launched on August 2011. It enables enterprises to access a CDN with 150 points of presence across the world, which in turn allows service providers who are offering an IaaS to also proffer a CDN and locally-hosted presence option.

The features of OnApp cloud comprise of:

• Public, private & hybrid cloud, plus VPS
• Xen, KVM & VMware, plus Amazon EC2
• Storage, backup and disaster recovery
• Smart servers & bare metal servers
• Global cloud & CDN through OnApp federation
• CPU, disk, IOPS,RAM, servers, networks & more

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