What is Oracle Public Cloud?

Oracle Public Cloud is a cloud based platform designed for application development. It is delivered absolutely via internet from Oracle Corporation and is based on subscription based method of billing. It can be categorized as cloud enterprise as a service (EaaS). Pubic Cloud Solutions offered by Oracle span wide range of services that include databases, middleware services, and enterprise level applications.

Oracle offers exclusive support in terms of hosting, managing, supporting and patching. Oracle services are hosted at data center facilities that are owned and operated by Oracle itself and therefore it is not surprising that these solutions are backed by a scalable, flexible, and secure architecture. Oracle Public Cloud presents an amazing array of services including Java Cloud, Fusion CRM, Social Network Cloud, Database Cloud and HCM cloud.

Oracle Public Cloud is designed to impart all three of the most sought after cloud service models as well as basic applications required by enterprises in a single bouquet and provided on the basis of self service model. Customers are able to enjoy freedom of flexibility using the fundamental enterprise IT solutions such as Social Network Management, Human Capital Management, and Customer Relationship Management.

Organizations have freedom to deploy their individual business application processes on these fundamental tools. Enterprises are also able to use Java as well as java and database backend to build complex and enterprise level applications by leveraging Oracle’s state of the art infrastructure. Instead, these applications can also be common private or public IaaS clouds.

One need not get confused with Oracle on demand CRM and Oracle Public Cloud. The difference between these two service offering lies in their scope. Oracle on demand CRM is designed to deliver Customer Relationship Management functionalities only. While Oracle Public Cloud is a broad suite of service offerings consisting of different applications.

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