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What Is Parallels Plesk Panel?

Plesk permits net hosting customers to simply perform a large style of tasks employing a sturdy and simple way to use its interface. It includes all the required tools to make and manage websites, mailboxes, databases, and so on.

Websites & Domains: Tools that exist here allow customers to feature and take away domains, subdomains, and domain aliases. They additionally allow them to manage varied net hosting settings, produce and manage information and database users, amend their DNS settings, and secure their websites with SSL/TLS certificates.

Mail: Tools that exist in this section of Plesk enable customers to control features and even restrict mail accounts, and also manage email server settings.

Applications: Tools built into Plesk under this category enable customers to simply install and manage a large variety of net applications.

Files: This page has options that contain a web-based file manager that permits customers to transfer content to their website, as well as manage files already on the filing system inside their own server.

Databases: The settings on this page permit customers to make new or manage existing databases.

Statistics: This page contains options that concern disk and traffic usage, which is important because it is the link to statistics that result in an in-depth summary of your site’s guests.

Users: Tools under this heading give customers the ability to control the features and delete user accounts that people use to log in to Plesk.

Account: This page is the repository of options concerning resource usage for the subscription, allowed hosting choices and granted permissions. Customers can use these options to retrieve and update their contact details and information about different personnel, and additionally, keep a copy of their subscription settings and websites.

To help forestall knowledge loss, Plesk will keep a copy of your proprietary data, including but not limited to your websites' content, database, or emails, to a local or cloud file. In the rare event of your knowledge becoming corrupted or lost, you'll be able to restore it from that file. It is always advisable, as with most data, to keep a copy and restore your websites in Plesk.

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