What is PHPMyAdmin?

phpMyAdmin is an open-source software tool that can be used to manage a database and administer them like the MariaDB and MySQL database application systems. To download the tool, you can visit the phpMyAdmin website without dealing with the payment process. This tool is designed using the PHP scripting language. It was founded by Tobias Ratschiller and was later on sold to GitHub which got acquired by Microsoft. The tool can employ more than one database management system along with other connected servers and node units.

You can also execute several administrative tasks like query execution as well as database creation. Using phpMyAdmin, you can use it in 72 languages and it works efficiently with RTL and LTR languages to make it easier for people to use the software. With PHPMyAdmin, you can execute and run functions like repair, check tables, queries, optimization, and other commands related to database management.

Why are the features of phpMyAdmin? 

  • You can export phpMyAdmin files into several formats like PDF, CSV, ISO/IEC 26300, spreadsheet, etc. 
  • phpMyAdmin works best with MySQL
  • It is available to use in 72 languages. 
  • phpMyAdmin utilizes a set of procedures and queries to deliver multiple results sets.
  • InnoDB tables and foreign keys are supported.
  • Database, view, and table changes can be tracked using phpMyAdmin.
  • Our database layouts can be created as PDF graphics as well.
  • Databases, views, tables, columns, and indexes can be created, altered, browsed, and dropped through phpMyAdmin.
  • By using stored procedures and queries, it can display multiple sets of results.
  • Any SQL statements and batch queries can be edited, executed, and bookmarked in phpMyAdmin.
  • The application uses a set of predefined functions for converting data from one format to another. 
  • It allows you to backup your database in various formats.

Why should you use phpMyAdmin? 

Some major advantages of the phpMyAdmin system application when you use it as a database administration tool are listed below:

  • With this system application, there is no additional cost involved except what you will need to invest in owning the database management systems. 
  • It is highly flexible and works well with most of the commonly used file formats. It is highly beneficial when it comes to DBMS for documentation purposes.     
  • It comes equipped with separate panels which include SQL query editing, tracking of status, and database manipulation. 
  • It also helps in displaying plugins related to the connected databases. 


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