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What is Scalability?

Scalability can be defined as the capability of a system (hardware, software), or network to accommodate present and futuristic workload demands. A scalable set-up ensures that process or functions will run efficiently without experiencing unwarranted downtimes, or performance issues. For instance, a proficient network or application would be the one that can cope with increased workload pressure without curtailing the application or network performance.

A data center that is highly scalable can foster business growth by swiftly responding to change in demands. It has scalable IT resources including routers, telecommunication networks, bandwidth, hardware that allows businesses of all verticals to keep a pace in the ever-competitive economic world. Scalability is measured depending on the nature of business such as administrative scalability, load scalability, and geographic scalability. Broadly, scaling is categorized as vertical scaling and horizontal scaling. In vertical scaling, computing resources are added to an individual node in a system. On the other hand horizontal scaling implies adding more nodes to a system.

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