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What is Silver Stripe CMS?

Silver Stripe is a content management system. Silver Stripe CMS is free of cost and is an open source content management system.  Silver Stripe CMS is useful in setting up and maintenance of websites and the website computer applications in the site.  

Silver Stripe CMS allows the users to modify their websites by using an administration panel that is a web based, out of the box panel. Silver Stripe has BSD license released by Silver Stripe Limited, and includes WYSIWYG editor of websites, that works on Silver Stripe framework, which is a PHP   website application framework.  

Features of Silver Stripe CMS:

1. Silver Stripe CMS has an out of box template that supports responsive functionalities of a website. It works equally well on desktop computers, smart phones and tablets. 

2. Silver Stripe CMS has an interface for web application which is extensible in nature with a drag and drop navigation structure.   

3. Silver Stripe makes text editing easy and can make many variations. 

4. Silver Stripe quickly uploads or embeds videos from other web sources. 

5. Silver Stripes CMS is easily configurable as per security regulations.  

6. Silver Stripe CMS provides number of templates in each page with resizing and uploading of images from desktop computers.  

7. Silver Stripe CMS is Search Engine compatible. 

8. Silver stripe CMS can administer additional user interface. 

Silver Stripe Content Management System is an application that has its own framework.  It makes the editing work very easy for the editor.  Silver stripe has a tree display for all webpage making editing in any page very easy for the editor.  Silver Stripe CMS shows all controls needed for the template for editing the page.  All this make Silver Stripe the CMS of choice for web editing and management even for a technically unaware person. 

There are so many top level domains and leading websites that are using silver-stripe CMS. As it is an award winning programming framework.


Supports responsive functionalities by its out of box template

Extensible web application with drag and drop navigation structure

Easy editing with possible variations any time

Easy embedding of videos and other web resources

Very easy configuration as per the security regulations

Multiple templates with resizable feature

One of the most search engine compatible

It can administer additional user interface

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