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What is software defined storage?

Software defined storage or SDS is an emerging concept for computer data storage software to manage policy- based provisioning and management of data storage independent of the hardware. In simple terms, it is an approach to data storage in which the programming that handles storage relevant task is decoupled from the physical hardware. SDC belongs to a large industry trends that comprised of software-defined networking and software-defined data centers (SDDC).

The software-defined storage market is continuously emerging and many storage marketers are still trying to unriddle the fact about how to associate their products with the label. The key benefits pertaining to software-defined storage over traditional storage includes:

• Increased flexibility

• Automated management

• Cost efficiency

What are the advantages of software defined storage?


·                  There are several benefits of software defined storage, the first and foremost being it keeps the user unworried about the underlying hardware, allowing him to focus more on the aspects that matter.

          Increased flexibility – users have the option to customize the software defined storage the way they need it. Thus, there is increased flexibility over conventional storage.

          Automated management – tasks like backup, cleaning and protection are not carried out by the user and are dealt with in the background.

          Cost efficiency – software defined storage improves the cost-saving characteristics of storage. Software defined storage costs a fraction of conventional storage.

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