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What is Transmission Control Protocol?

Transmission Control Protocol, can be called as TCP which is a standard that defines how to maintain a network conversation through which an application program can exchange data. TCP is a core protocol of Internet Protocol Suite, therefore the entire suite is commonly referred as TCP/IP. It is one of the most used protocol of the digital network communication that enables end-to-end delivery of data between distinct nodes. TCP works with the Internet Protocol, which defines how computers send data packets to each other. Together with TCP and IP are the basic rules defining the internet. It is a Transport Layer Protocol in the OSI layer, which is used to create the connection between remote computers by transporting and ensuring the delivery of messages.

Before transmitting the data, TCP creates a connection between the source and destination node and keeps it on until the communication is active. TCP breakdown large data into smaller packets and also maintain data integrity once it is reassembled to the destination node.

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