What is Traq hosting

Traq is a PHP based project management software solution that has the ability to track all bugs and other issues.  Traq hosting makes it easier for teams to manage multiple projects at one time and reach their milestones simultaneously. It also has a timeline feature that where all the changes and edits being done on the various projects are displayed. Email alerts notify the team members of issues and if any tickets have been raised on bug issues on all the projects.

The advantages of traq hosting include:

– It is a cost-effective tracking system and can handle multiple projects. It allows easy management of bugs and requests with per-project milestones.

– It allows a team to view all changes that are made and stay up-to-date as the software system notifies about tickets that are opened and closed via emails.

– It comes with a filter option to search for tickets that you require.

– You can create your own customized features to report issues and requests.

– Traq has many extensions which you can install to increase the features.

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