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What is Virtualization?

The process of Virtualization refers to the creation of virtual enabled resources like servers, operating system, storage, desktop, file, or network. The main motive behind server virtualization is to manage workloads by instantly transforming the traditional computing to make it more scalable and resource effective. In simple terms, Virtualization is a technique of creating a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, likewise an operating system, a server, a network resource, or a storage device. Today, virtualization has become an important aspect, and it can be applied to a wide range of system layers such as operating system level virtualization, storage virtualization and server virtualization.

Operating System level Virtualization: It is the most common virtualization technique, in which it is possible to run multiple operating systems on a single piece of hardware.

Storage Virtualization: It is the combination of multiple network storage devices into what appears to be a single storage unit.

Server Virtualization: It is the process in which a physical server can be partitioned into multiple virtual server instances.

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Threat Detection in Dedicated Servers

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Cloud computing in Research & Development (R&D)

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