What is Zentao Hosting?

Zentao is an open source project management software that combines project management with product management, document project, quality management and management of professional R&D projects. It is result oriented software with easy operations, perfect functions, beautiful interface and extremely powerful search functions.

Zentao hosting is high end software based hosting which delivers high value for customers preferring dedicated servers. Dedicated server providers rely on Zentao hosting for offering customers high value deliverables.

Zentao hosting is all about enhancing business effectiveness and can be tailor made to suit several requirements depending upon the plan opted for by the company in question. You can use it for creating a basic hosting model for shared hosting as well as for a customized dedicated hosting plan.

Essential Product Features to Look for Along with Zentao Hosting

Some essential product features to see along with Zentao hosting include:

  1. Maximum Uptime: A 99.99% uptime should be ideal along with Zentao hosting. Opting for any less would mean a serious compromise with the quality of service. Downtime could mean loss of customers.
  2. Easy Set Up and Installation: An extremely simple set up and installation is warranted.

Zentao based hosting should be sourced from a trusted hosting provider.

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