What is Zimbra?

The term Zimbra is an open source server and client technology that enables enterprise messaging, collaboration. Vmware Zimbra Collaboration environment comprised of emails, calendar, contacts, documents and more. To put simply, it is a web based application suite that can be deployed as an on- premise private cloud or in the form of outsourced public cloud service. This server supports desktop email clients, such as Windows Outlook, and exhibit compatibility with Windows, Linux and Apple computer system. Moreover, it provides over-the-air sync to mobile device operating systems such as iOS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Android. Zimbra Collaboration is intended for enterprise deployment with the major objective of integrating myriad collaboration tools.

What is Zimbra used for?

Zimbra is primarily a cloud based technology used for collaboration. It is totally up to you how you utilize the offered services for your business. You can either deploy a mail server using the same or use the provided services to synchronize calendar and contact between you and the devices offered. It also provides a two-way sync to mobile devices – means, if two devices can have data synchronized among them in real-time. As opposed to one-way sync in which synchronization has a single direction to take place, two-wat sync can be initiated from either end.

What is Zimbra mainly known for?

Zimbra email servers are the most common. Zimbra deploys a powerful dedicated server to manage all the contents of the mailbox, including spam, sent and outbox items. Spam filters also often come inbuilt because the technology deployed has remained a tad bit advanced for its age.
Is Zimbra free to use?
Zimbra is an open-source program which means you can continue using it without paying so much as a cent. However, there are some restrictions in Zimbra open-source i.e. you cannot use it to rebrand and tout as one of your products.

People often confuse Zimbra with Zimbra email hosting servers. It should be noted that though Zimbra is open-source and free, Zimbra email servers could come at some price. These email servers are configured in such a way that they run on Zimbra but rely on underlying dedicated server.
Is there a Zimbra email app?
If you are looking for Zimbra email application for you mobile, chances are you would never use it. zimbra in android  natively syncs email, calendars and contacts – of course – without you needing to move even a muscle. Though, the prerequisite is, your organization should Zimbra email system configured, failing which, you would have no place to sync contacts to, and wouldn’t need an app either.


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