AWS can help you in creating business value by saving on the costs incurred on infrastructural design. AWS offers business reliability, by offering a global outlook and minimum holding back of innovation.

- Technology has brought up innovation in the business world to manage computing resources for best cost-effectiveness. 

- IT has progressed as a business booster due to innovative techniques.

- Businesses connect with customers through social networks by analyzing data trends.

- AWS is helping the businesses to remove blockages of innovation by addressing factors such as high costs and complexity.

The New Business Infrastructure:

Over the last few years, IT technology has changed the way of doing business. Cloud computing has not only brought the IT costs down, it has also increased cross-industry reliability, flexibility, and productivity. In this new age of technology, information access is real-time and much more personalized.

The Standard for Service in a Digital World

Three main areas where we have seen solutions being met through the business applications of IT solutions are cloud computing, mobility, and social engagement. 

Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing is like a shared computing engine which drives the IT business at lower costs, as no large upfront investment in hardware is required. The complete provisioning of type and size of computing resources can be managed by your own IT department. As the cloud has become the major feature of IT and its adoption has gained traction, you can easily access this technology with prevalent methods.


Increased mobility has brought about a revolution in the way businesses operate. Data is available on multiple devices running in real-time so as to have enhanced accuracy, more than any time before. Mobility and the cloud together deliver the best productivity. The mobile tools being used are created for meeting & exceeding industry standards.

Social Engagement:

Social media greatly impact the lives of people. Employees can actually share data in real time with enhanced transparency. The always-connected digital world and evolved IT department has changed the meaning of cloud computing, mobility, and social engagement.

How AWS Drives Business Value

- AWS helps to create solutions for businesses which directly impact the ground level functioning.

- AWS allows better data access.

- AWS helps to deliver increased mobility

- AWS offers enhanced security and global accessibility.

- AWS can free up costly resources generally used for managing expensive data centers.

In 2014, a study of Cloud Infrastructure by Gartner evaluated that cloud providers use four cases for evaluation: Application Development, Batch Computing, Cloud-Native Applications, and General Business Applications.

There are many leaders in cloud services in today’s scenario. The cloud computing has transformed business by helping their customers in achieving business results by offering innovative services and competitive prices. Riding on this trend, AWS has grown in cloud services with more than 1 million customers around the world.

AWS has Cleared Obstacles to Innovation

- AWS offers its customers reliable and innovative services & functions.

- AWS helps you in gaining new business insights.

- AWS creates new offerings to meet changing business demands.

- Innovation is fast and cheap with the help of the team of AWS developers, who work round the clock for offering enhanced business experience.

Increased Flexibility

- AWS drives best solutions for business growth. 

- AWS corroborates with global industry standards.

- AWS develops reliable solutions with higher performance.

- AWS offers scalable and durable storage for data which can be accessed by Amazon Simple Storage Service, among other services.

- Organizations can have greater flexibility and capacity for running their business better.

- Customers can manage applications quicker by accessing data management tools and achieving cost-effectiveness.

Global Solutions

AWS offers its customers the ability to collect and analyze data from thousands of devices at one time.

By use of IoT, there is a central management of global services, for working with various connected device applications. 

AWS offers the below-stated services which have innovated businesses since their conception and deployment:

- Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS)

- Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)

- Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS)

- Amazon Elastic Cache

- AWS Cloud Trail.

Big Data

- With AWS, data can be managed in streamlined flows for getting the best insights.

- The tools for storage, computation, and database services are managed by AWS quite effectively.

- With AWS, data-mining can be programmed easily.

High-Performance Computing

- High-Performance Computing (HPC) provides the bandwidth to engineers for solving complex problems very easily.

- AWS allows enhancing the research speed with the help of high-performance computing (HPC) running on the cloud, to save big on costs.

Enterprise Applications

- AWS provides enterprise applications that help users in obtaining enhanced productivity.

- AWS facilitates access of employees to secure files and applications.

- AWS Enterprise Applications can fully manage a completely secure system for enterprise data storage.

Using AWS as a Business-Enabling Engine

The AWS Cloud enables firms to develop technology solutions which are the initial step to a high-performing and low-cost infrastructure. Here the customers can use the AWS capabilities to offer business solutions and manage the key performance indicators (KPIs) easily.

1. Create Value: AWS can plan for solutions and services to meet business needs easily.

It offers to compute resources, storage databases and data analytics. It offers the customers the ability to quickly switch to cloud technology and save themselves from incurring huge investments. AWS offers flexible technology by offering the customers newer technology to operate their services.

2. Evolve Strategically: With AWS, customers can easily grow and adapt to the consumption of services by effectively meeting their business requirements. AWS can manage the capacity as per the workload automatically. To evaluate the integration of the new services along with the existing AWS feature stack, there are in-depth AWS tools for analysis.

3. Transform Business Operations: With the use of AWS, the customers can divert their complete attention to the smooth working of their core applications. With AWS, you can reach customers, vendors, and suppliers easily. The organizations can easily deploy applications to operate in a secure environment.

4. Business Applications: Resource planning is the most important factor. Organizations have invested in technologies like SAP and Oracle PeopleSoft. AWS offers a completely flexible and reliable cloud space for running many types of applications. It is one of the best ways of maximizing profits from business applications. 

5. Data, Reporting, and Analytics: AWS offers a wide range of database service management tools. It provides the required services for setting up cloud storage, computer, and database tools. It offers easy system configuration, computing system, and pay-as-you-go pricing system for fast start-up and low costs.

6. Mobility: The services are particularly designed to manage mobile app development for easy mobile website building. It offers complete collaboration and Information Exchange across the system. AWS scales up the content providers as demand comes in from users across the world.

7. Collaboration, Information Exchange, and Social: AWS offers complete collaboration and communication among employees. AWS helps develop solutions which are cloud-based and can have multiple applications across running resources. Amazon WorkSpaces at AWS is a completely managed desktop service which allows the users to access shared documents & data.

Maximize Your Investment

- AWS gives customers a commercial platform that works for developing applications effectively.

- AWS builds up a completely affordable and fault-managed system.

- AWS offers access to the best working tools and features for system management.

- AWS Support feature is a one-on-one response support channel which operates round the clock.

- AWS Support tiers also offer unlimited service durations to meet always-on business needs.


It is not only about the cost optimization; with AWS, you get the opportunity to get maximum output from your business. With AWS, it is quite easy to connect with customers by developing new insights and innovations to deliver the best quality products and services. With the AWS Cloud, you easily manage the functions related to costs, and the advantage of more than 50 unique services can be taken, along with the support of continued innovation for driving business solutions for achieving higher growth.

Go4hosting, in tandem with AWS, manages each client individually to aid your business reach the highest targets. Go4hosting deploys AWS in ways that help in enhancing business scalability, reliability and profits by achieving targets on time. 

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