Cloud Technology: The Rising Trends in 2015

Jul 28,2021 by Manoj Yadav

As we are bidding adieu to 2014, it is time to take a quick glance at some of the major trends in cloud technology that have made a significant impact on the global economy. All through the year, decision makers have made strategic network investments to make a seamless transition to the cloud and monetize the benefits of the Internet of Things.

According to the cloud predictions conducted by the Verizon Enterprise Solutions, big data analytics and IOT are projected as the next big technology trends for the year 2015. The coming years are expected to witness the rising adoption of cloud deployment models to drive their business while setting a stage for their future growth.

In this blog, I am trying to share my views on how cloud technology is projected to continuously rise in the coming years.

According to the technology pundits, the total IT expenditure made by the organizations on the latest tools and technology is expected to increase by approximately 46% in the year 2015. Cloud hosting solutions are witnessing a 42% surge in tandem with investments in the business analytics which is expected to multiple by 38%. Moreover, company’s investments in the storage devices are likely to increase by 36%.

Cloud technology is pegged as the most important computing project as majority of the companies worldwide are currently incurring 16% of their overall investments on this cutting edge technology. It is for this reason, cloud is considered as the most disruptive technology in the future. A report by IDG revealed that this disruptive technological breakthrough will primarily focus on improving service levels and generating new streams of a company’s revenues. The additional take-aways of the report are highlighted as below:

– Top three technologies that will dominate the coming year are: IoT with a maximum project IT expenditure of 32% followed by High Performance Computing and energy saving & carbon reducing technology with expected outlays of 22% and 16% respectively.

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– About 41% of the companies deploying Mobile Device Management will be split between SMBs and large sized businesses.

– In the year 2015, information technology is expected to take on an imperative role in increasing a company’s profitability & revenue, augmenting its competitiveness and providing better services to the customers.

 To conclude, 2015 is projected to be all about networked connection. The clients in the coming years are more likely to be focused on connecting technological innovations

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