How to Overcome Limitations of Using VMs for Cloud Storage

Jul 26,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Cloud storage is no longer a new trend, today it’s used everywhere. Most businesses are familiar with the benefits of cloud storage, and therefore, using this technology to access the data from anywhere. Still, only a few of them are aware that it can also help them automate and shorten the web’s “clicking and copy-pasting logistics.” It takes only a few minutes to set everything up. You’ll be able to avoid a lot of running around and, in turn, reduce your workload, and much more. However, cloud storage is only one of many applications for the technology.

Cloud technology is use in a wide range of services, including cloud hosting, cloud call centers, and other forms of PaaS (platform as a service), IaaS (infrastructure as a service), and SaaS (software as a service). 

A Virtual Machine (VM) is one of many isolated environments supported by cloud that ease the operations. It’s a software-based application environment that mimics the behavior of a real computer. To put it another way, it’s like building a computer within a computer that already exists. It runs in a window, and whatever the end-user encounters with the host operating system, the Virtual Machine can provide a similar experience. It is helping businesses accelerate their cloud transformation. But, it also comes with a few limitations that can affect business efficiency, if not resolved on time. 

Let’s check out in this blog the limitations of using cloud storage that you can encounter anytime!

What are the Limitations of Cloud Storage?

Internet Connection

The use of cloud storage necessitates the availability of an internet connection. If your network is slow, you may have trouble accessing your storage. You will be unable to view your files if you are unable to connect to the internet.

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Uploading and downloading data from the cloud incur additional charges. If you often access a large number of files, this can soon build up. Is your present application cloud-compatible? To be highly advanced, many business owners make the error of inviting unneeded expenses. 

According to the present scenario and near-future study, transferring to the cloud is not suggested if your current infrastructure meets your demands. Furthermore, if your company requires many data transfers, you’ll be charged a lot per month. Having your infrastructure might sometimes prevent you from having to deal with such hefty billings regularly.

Customer Support

Check the query resolving time before choosing clouds. Service providers are becoming more sophisticated as time goes on, but they are still looking for the best. If the business sees traffic every day, especially on weekends, a speedy remedy is always necessary. Cloud Storage India gives excellent technical assistance via email, phone, chat, and even forums. Choose the person who is the most helpful.

Security Breach Threats

Even if your cloud service provider promises to be one of the most secure, the final decision should be yours because there has been a history of significant cloud computing mishaps. So, if you run a firm where a single data loss or corruption is unacceptable, you should think twice about using the cloud, especially for large-scale operations. 

If the above-mentioned limitations are resolved, it can offer several benefits, a few of them are listed below.

Significant Benefits Of Using VMs As Cloud Servers


Cloud solutions that are base on Virtual Machines can easily cater to a large number of VM clients by execution of code on single physical hardware. Suppose you are planning to implement a scheme capable of catering to multiple users simultaneously. In that case, a standalone bare metal server or even a server pool will not serve the purpose. One can simultaneously use single software, even if a single primary metal server design includes several volumes with different applications connected to various cloud storage arrays. This issue can attribute to a lack of isolation at the server level. For example, Microsoft created its very own cloud service provider, named ‘Azure.’ Virtual Machines are one of the many services provided by Azure for Software Developers.

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Works Independently

Every single VM tenant can run different cloud storage applications by emulating an entirely independent install. This ability to support many tenants by provisioning multiple installs on a single server transforms into greater profitability for every single unit of hardware. Higher cost efficiency per physical unit is the most sought advantage of using Virtual Machines to facilitate cloud storage for multiple tenants.


Since every virtual machine enjoys complete isolation concerning other users and the underlying system, there is an extra layer of security and assured stability of operations. A compromised code corrupt file system by a single user would not impact other users since the damage would restrict the level of virtual disk images related to a particular client only.

System administrators are allowed to remove or add Virtual Machine Servers as and when required. When multiple virtual servers run on a single physical server, the staff cannot configure the underlying OS while updating several virtual servers that operate on a single physical hardware.

Easier Configuration

Cloud providers can configure several Virtual Machines that would be running on different operating systems. It will facilitate clients to choose an appropriate VM to suit individual requirements. Virtual Machines can optimize CPU processing power and encourage users to implement aggressive caching strategies for accelerating the speed at which the Virtual Machines are operating.


Cloud storage is a technological innovation. All businesses will go for it sooner or later. However, whether or not this is your business time is determined by your company’s criteria. Start with one or two applications and then move on to the others. As time goes on, you’ll better understand cloud computing, and it will be the ideal time to take the jump.

Without any application redesign, migration, or on-premises extension, Virtual Machine can assist share workload, optimize performance, scale, and security while lowering costs. So, If you want to overcome the limitations mentioned-above and take maximum advantage of using cloud storage in India and overcome the above-mentioned limitations, contact us at 1-888-288-3570 to get instant assistance from Go4hosting experts.

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