Affordable VPS Hosting – A Boon To Entrepreneurs

Jul 28,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Most startup entrepreneurs launch a website with the help of shared hosting to begin with.

But with time they feel the need for more hosting power.

“To really push up my online presence, I had no other option but to upgrade my shared hosting plan”, says an SME owner.

In such a situation, upgrading to VPS makes sense as this is the best option to get good web hosting power without paying the higher cost of dedicated hosting.

With VPS you enjoy best of both the worlds.

  • To make the hosting plan economical, the VPS hosting vendor installs your website on a server that has also other sites running on it albeit fewer sites per server.
  • Since other sites share the costs of operating on the server, you are billed a monthly charge far less than that of dedicated hosting.

In a VPS Hosting environment you will not share resources of other entities the way you would in shared hosting. Your website will be working in a virtually partitioned area with its own dedicated OS, storage, RAM and monthly data usage limits.

Importantly, by buying a VPS hosting plan you get the entire virtual machine for your own use with root access to allow you administrative rights.

Freedom, flexibility, power and security are four features that a business requires in its website.

These are essential features for online business today. With the government stressing on cashless transactions, the onus on businesses are to adapt to online transactions in the best possible manner.

In the years to come we may well see a large chunk of SMEs in India migrating almost entirely to cashless transactions via the internet.

With ubiquitous adoption of the smartphone  and more consumers preferring the internet, the traffic on websites are set to increase exponentially.

In such a scenario, the demand for VPS hosting is certain to go up.

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Here is a list of benefits an entrepreneur can expect to experience:

Root access – You may not desire the power of a dedicated server, but like most entrepreneurs you will want administrative rights that a shared server does not offer.  With root access in your control you can have a shot at any new programming language or deploy a custom module.

No uncertainties – You need not bother about speed, updates or performance as these issues are taken care of by the VPS hosting provider. If you are in full throttle to put up a niche website where you want to get the best reach to your prospects, VPS will not disappoint you. No more slow speeds and shared SSL certificates  to bother you

Excellent stability – An unstable performance of the website is a nightmare for any business. It can result in shortfall of revenue and loss of prospective customers. Fortunately, VPS does not suffer from interruptions, a sound reason why SMEs prefer this type of hosting.

Price advantage – You have the benefits of dedicated server but at a considerably lower price

Guaranteed bandwidth – Many shared hosting vendors guarantee unlimited disk space, but you need to read the fine print to understand this clause. In a shared hosting plan resources are shared among all users in the server, so in effect you get limited disk space.

Scalability – Your website is hosted on scalable servers, which means you can scale up or down as per your needs.

Even with all the above advantages in place, you will still need to evaluate your vendor thoroughly before you sign up with the hosting service.

Here are a few things you must keep in mind.

Human to human technical support

Even in the best of times you will need some form of technical support. Remember, not all hosting services may have a budget to staff a 24 x 7 x 365 Help Desk. At least ensure the vendor offers a “live chat” feature where you can interact with a support technician.

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Seamless switching from shared plans

The last thing you would want is an upgrade with downtime and / or penalty fees. Seamless switch over is a must for the continuity of your business.  The vendor must ideally offer a free setup to make things easy for you.

A good VPS vendor offers a most basic plan that is very affordable, which can be gradually scaled up to a plan with higher disk space and higher monthly data transfers per month.

With competition in the hosting market keen, vendors are doing their best to offer budget friendly, well-rounded offerings starting at a very affordable price.

Here is a caveat though.

Most VPS vendors offer servers that run on Linux based operating systems. If you are one of those that need Windows-based VPS hosting or run software that requires a MS compatible environment, ask a few questions to the vendor and make sure your requirements are met.

For more information on various hosting plans call 1800-212-2022 (Toll Free)

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