Dedicated Server Hosting- Why is it the best server hosting for your business?

Oct 21,2021 by Manoj Yadav
Dedicated Server Hosting

Technology has been proving to be quite powerful since the rise of the internet. The majority of consumers now purchase and research products they want online after looking at their official websites or reading product reviews. Websites save time, however, they require you to buy server hosting to operate and run. But when it comes to servers, people have different perceptions, and there is a lot of ongoing debate between a shared server and a dedicated server. While some businesses vouch for shared server hosting, some prefer to run their website on dedicated server Control Panels

Since the success of most businesses nowadays relies on the website, you must make an informed decision. The server you pick must empower your website and offer it enhanced security and fewer crashes during peak time. It is when dedicated server hosting can assist you in meeting your goals of productivity. Dedicated servers hosting offer lots of advantages for web hosting like faster speeds, more bandwidth, and the ability to control the server.

But when choosing a dedicated server in India, it is vital to know what exactly you need, rather than what the host wants to sell you. The more you know about the components of the service, the less likely you’ll face unwanted surprises after you sign the contract. 

In this article, we will explain the fundamentals of Dedicated Server Hosting, Dedicated server price, and how using one can help businesses to scale up

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

As the name suggests, dedicated server hosting services allow you to have your server all to yourself. Unlike shared and VPS servers, all the resources will be exclusively used by a single client. As it offers maximum security features, power, and flexibility, a Dedicated server is one of the most preferred hosting services by both startups and bigger businesses. It is also popular in sectors like government organizations, financial institutions, and healthcare organizations. The major advantage it offers is complete control over the hardware ensuring that your website runs smoothly 24/7. 

What are the benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated servers might seem a little expensive for some but offer a lot more benefits than shared and virtual private servers. Here are some exclusive benefits of dedicated server hosting:

Customize the server as per need

As mentioned earlier, using a dedicated service provider allows you to have a completely private server and full resources to yourself. It means you will never have to encounter problems like websites clogging up the server’s RAM & CPU. Moreover, you can tailor the server as per your need. So, you will be only paying for the services you are using.

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Improved security & performance

Dedicated server hosting also gives you the convenience to run your website without any downtime. This type of server hosting comes with 99.95% uptime and offers maximum stability and flexibility. It, in turn, will ensure that other functions and websites will run successfully and are operational virtually 100% of the time by offering reliable server monitoring and backup facilities. It also offers you secure hosting and ensures that your website doesn’t run along with malicious websites or with any potential spammer.

Unique IP Address

In shared hosting, you must know that multiple websites get a similar IP address. It comes with a disadvantage that if any of the websites on the server is a spam website or an adult website, it will affect the ranking of your website and bring it down. It is when using dedicated server hosting saves you from the hassle. Moreover, dedicated server hosting helps you get a unique IP address, which can benefit your business in several ways.

Infrastructure Reliability

Dedicated servers, due to their physical servers are housed in the established data centers. It provides your server with redundant power sources to make them keep running in times of local power grid failure. 

Flexibility to Grow Business

If you are looking for a server that can accommodate all your business needs with perfection, a dedicated server would be the perfect pick for you. Using dedicated server hosting lets you select the right server configuration. It will allow you to choose and modify the current services and applications as per your business requirements. Additionally, if you are looking for more storage and backup options, dedicated server hosting is undoubtedly the best choice. 

How to purchase the best-dedicated server hosting plan?

When it comes to buying server hosting, developers and business owners often look for hosting plans that can be configured easily. The dedicated server hosting plan must meet the programming requirements of the business. It must provide you with the right server load support, and top-notch security. The focus must be on the overall benefits, not just the cost of dedicated server hosting in India. 

So, before you make a decision and select the best-dedicated server hosting in India, here are some factors that you must keep in mind: 

  1. Disk Drive Storage– Go for either Solid State Drive SSD hosting or Hard Disk Drive (HDD) based on your requirement.
  2. Choice of OS- Pick between Windows & LINUX; or between different LINUX distributions.
  3. Resource Allocation– Check the number of CPUs, bandwidth, and storage space included in the Plesk dedicated server plan you are selecting. 
  4. Technical Support- Look for a provider who can provide you with 24/7 support.
  5. CPU benchmark performance- Know and understand the difference between Atom, Xeon, & Opteron product lines. 
  6. Bandwidth & Data Center Concerns- Check services like Power Supply, Cooling & Internet Network Backbone Speeds. 
  7. Hardware configurations- Pick reliable services at affordable prices. 
  8. Plan Bonuses- Check if they provide additional bonuses like GUI Control panels, security suites, and dedicated domain names. Since some of them are premium services, it can add up to the cost.  

Why should your business switch to Dedicated Server Hosting?

Do you have a website hosted with a shared hosting service? Well, at first, it may seem like a really good idea, with the bundled support plans, regular maintenance, and installation of any software you might want. However, with time, you will discover that the shared hosting service has its limitations. With shared server hosting, you might be noticing that your website loads slowly and even goes offline at some intervals of time. You may be blaming it on the service provider, but the real devil is your shared hosting service. 

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When you host your website on shared hosting, the sites on the shared space constantly compete with each other for the bandwidth leading to increased downtime. It is when your business must switch to dedicated server hosting. 

Dedicated server hosting is a good upgrade option if your website slows down due to consuming excessive bandwidth frequently. It is also a great choice if you plan on expanding your website beyond the limits of your shared hosting account. 

Below we are listing some more reasons why businesses must switch to Dedicated Server Hosting:

Your website is getting high traffic

If your website is hosted on a shared server, an increase in traffic can boost the downtime. It will impact the bounce rate of your website too. It could result in a major loss of revenue. So, if you think your business is growing and the traffic is spiking, it is time to reconsider your hosting plans and switch to dedicated server hosting services. The flexibility, ease of management, and reliability it offers are truly unmatchable. Just find the best-dedicated server hosting in India to get the hosting services ideal for your business. 

To improve page loading time 

The loading time of your pages can have an impact on almost every aspect of your website. Slow pages can harm engagement metrics and cause a high bounce rate. The use of a dedicated server can help you optimize this aspect of your website as much as possible. Moreover, it will provide you with the bandwidth to improve the loading time of your web pages. All you need to do is find a reliable provider who offers you a dedicated server price that fits your budget the best. 

To ensure optimum security 

The entire idea of having an official website is to earn handsome returns. But to ensure your website runs smoothly and efficiently, security should be the key concern. Since your website handles crucial information like personal details, credit card numbers, and confidential emails, you must have security measures in place. It is important to protect the data against theft, viruses, hacks, and other security risks. 

It is the reason why businesses of all sizes are opting for dedicated server hosting services. With dedicated servers, you get a complete hold of your website security. It also allows you to optimize the features as per your requirement. 

Some hosts offer managed and semi-managed dedicated server maintenance plans. You can usually specify what both you and your host will be accountable for. It will allow you to rely on an expert with your most mission-critical functions while handling all other concerns directly.

Cost-effective and reliable option 

If you are looking for long-term server hosting services, getting dedicated server services would be a perfect pick for you. The dedicated server hosting price in India can vary based on the services the provider is offering. You just need to analyze your requirements. And pick a service package, which meets your requirements and is cost-effective for you in the long run. 

Want complete control over the server 

Choosing a dedicated server over other options can also be based on one simple reason: control. As we have already mentioned, dedicated hosting gives you complete control over how you use the server. So you must wait no more. Find a reliable dedicated server at a low cost to enjoy smooth and efficient hosting services. 

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What are the features to look for in dedicated server hosting services? 

The decision of choosing a dedicated server is one thing; choosing the best plan is quite another. Before you choose a hosting provider, make sure the following features are included:

  1. Ease of Customization: A dedicated server hosting provider will let you choose the operating system, allocate space by your preference. You will also be able install custom software and apps as you wish. This is one of the most exciting features of dedicated server hosting.

Remember, if you can’t customize your server, it is a big red flag. It could mean you are buying private servers that are shared with others. 

  1. Optimum Security: If you’re considering dedicated servers, you should be aware that they are typically more secure than shared or virtual servers – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t vulnerable to hackers. Your hosting service should provide security software, including firewalls, malware protection, and other tools.
  1. Guaranteed Uptime: If a potential customer visited your website only to find out it wouldn’t load, it could make you lose a lot of money. Most hosting companies today guarantee at least 99% uptime. But on a dedicated server, that number can be 99.99%. 
  1. 24/7 Customer Support: A premium service should also come with premium customer service. That means you should be able to call anytime with a problem and speak with a live person. You must take services from a hosting provider who guarantees 24/7 support throughout the year. 

How much does a dedicated server cost?

It is an extremely difficult question to answer due to the wide variation of costs based on both the provider and the specifications you are looking for. In general, however, the dedicated server price in India starts from $100 or more per month. 

In general, the cheaper the plan, the less you will have at your disposal. At the same time, as the cost rises, so will the amount of RAM and bandwidth available. It is best to choose a company that offers reasonable rates on a variety of plans. It will allow you to start with room for your current website and then grow with it. 

No matter what the size of your business is, you will find service packages that will easily accommodate your business. Many dedicated server hosting service providers offer economical small business server setup costs in India


Before you decide on the hosting services, you must remember that the most likely reason your site had performance issues in the past was that it grew too large for its current hosting service. Dedicated server hosting services will change it for you. A dedicated server will provide your site with impeccable performance, ensuring the best customer experience. 

You can also consider Go4Hosting’s versatile Dedicated server hosting plans that comes with plenty of advantages like tailor-made solutions, quick response time, and flexibility. To know more about services and get the best dedicated server hosting plan, contact our experts at [email protected].

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