Ten Most Sought After CMS Options for Remarkable Functionality

Jul 26,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Content Management System is a key to every web development project and webmasters have freedom to choose from an impressive array of CMSs that are designed to support multiple requirements of projects. 

However, if you are looking forward to zero in on a perfect CMS platform that caters to a multitude of factors including type of end user, choice of languages, and many other options, then get ready for a daunting task ahead. In order to help you find a perfect CMS for the upcoming project, we are offering the top ten choices from the practical point of view. 


There is hardly anything that needs to be mentioned about the most versatile and sought after WordPress CMS. This blogging platform is perfect for PHP users and provides ease of development thanks to a massive collection of documentation. 

WordPress also boasts of a blazing fast installation wizard that supports a wide spectrum of plugins and core, which can be easily updated right within the backend by obviating the need to download anything. 


With a vibrant and extensive community support, Drupal differentiates itself as an exclusive CMS platform rather than hoping to become a blogging resource. It enables a host of modules with compelling attributes such as user blogs, OpenID, forums and profiles to name a few. 

Drupal also consists of the most popular Taxonomy module to facilitate a broad assortment of category types as well as content options. Add to these a myriad of professional Drupal themes that are waiting to be customized to match your varied objectives.


Joomla is designed to be an advanced CMS resource from the viewpoint of functionality. Users can get started with Joomla without any hassles, courtesy Joomla installer. The application is extremely configurable with amazing compatibility with the most commonly sought after shared hosting packages

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Joomla offers thousands of extensions with a massive support of its thriving community. You can always access paid Joomla developers to help you design and setup your very own store. 

Expression Engine 

Expression Engine is perceived as one of the most flexible web publishing platform that is enriched with a multitude of features. It enables seamless website management with enhanced functionalities. 

EE provides a highly user-friendly admin area that enables developers to quickly start working on it. Beginners too can enjoy the intuitive features while creating compelling websites as pros. 


Textpattern is an extremely simple yet elegant CMS platform that boasts of a minimalistic code base since it is designed to offer standards-compliant as well as well structured pages. Moreover, Textpattern enables text areas with textile markup rather than a WYSIWYG option for editing. 

Additionally, one can always extend functionalities of Textpattern with help of third party extensions. Developers are also free to access a robust Textpattern community offering anytime help on Textpattern.org. 

Radiant CMS

In addition to wide spectrum of PHP based Content Management Systems that are discussed above, there are many more CMSs such as Radiant CMS that support other languages including HTML. Radiant CMS is designed by using Ruby on Rails framework and possesses its own language for template, namely Radius. The language bears close resemblance with HTML and facilitates seamless template creation. 

Radiant CMS has been established by its developers by focusing on simplicity and elegance. 

Cushy CMS

In order to drive more simplicity into the CMS design, developers have focused on safe and simple content editing features with no need to install any software or programming. It barely needs few minutes to setup Cushy CMS functionality and enables production of Standards Compliant content that is rich in search engine friendliness. 

Whether you need to access its professional or a basic version, Cushy CMS allows free access to users and upgrading to pro will facilitate use of customizable design as well as logo. 

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This is yet another CMS with PHP background and is identical to WordPress in many ways. Unlike WordPress, SilverStripe allows more number of options in terms of configurability and is focused in development of content rather than blogging. 

The basic features of SilverStripe are extremely interesting and include an excellent SEO support as well as content version control among others. However, it lacks freedom in terms of access to wide range of themes or plugins. 


Ease of installation and resource rich features are highlights of Alfresco Content MANAGEMENT System. It allows ease of dropping files into folders for instant conversion into web docs. It also boasts of a robust backend which is well laid-out and clean. Enterprise users can be more comfortable with Alfresco than users of simple websites. 


TYPOlight facilitates a flawless balance with a variety of CMS features and competes with the big names including Drupal and ExpressionEngine as far as practical aspects of use are concerned. The out of the box CSS editor offered by TYPOlight can be great resource for professional developers in addition to tons of other features. 

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