Dedicated Server Hosting: Ace of Web Hosting Industry

Jul 28,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Whether you are a startup or a growing business, craving to get unprecedented ROI is a natural phenomenon that turns up in every entrepreneur’s mind. Existence of multitude web hosting platforms has provided an opportunity to the businesses of all silhouettes to reap the benefits by getting enrolled with some kind of hosting environment. The most fundamental web hosting platform is shared hosting, the next is VPS hosting and the boss of all is “dedicated server hosting”, which is considered as a captive solution for the companies anticipating for surpassing performance, proverbially secured, and tempting network connectivity for their core-critical business applications.

By bonding up with Dedicated Server Hosting platform, one gets the following benefits, which is barely offered by the two above voiced hosting platforms.

Dedicated Resources: One who owns dedicated server hosting services is avowed with all the rights of managing and maintaining the server, in addition to nadir interference of other hosted clients. The server is managed by the client’s IT experts and the service provider is responsible for providing physical and e-security, including dedicated CPU, bandwidth, dedicated IP’s, and other imperative components, paramount for business continuity.

Flexible Moves: Dedicated resources allocated to furnish only single client or organization needs accord with them to categorize the assigned bandwidth, CPU and storage as per their process functionality. The client is allowed to run the desired operating system, to name a few, such as Linux and Windows depending on their convenience, software applications, custom tools, extra security layers, and so on. You can manage your web traffic more efficiently and swiftly.

Seamless Connectivity: Getting enrolled with dedicated server web hosting offers higher connectivity options for process functionality. The service provider powers your server and provides service level agreement on network availability for websites hosted on a dedicated server. This narrates the importance of a performing third-party dedicated server hosting provider.

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Enhanced Reliability: As annotated, dedicated servers are exceptionally directed to accomplish the goals and objectives of a single client, it intuitively enhances the reliability factor as no one else has the permission to play at your dedicated playground, thus no interference, and no bad guys work will affect your business operations.

Extra Security: Unlike cloud hosting or VPS hosting, the dedicated server hosting service provider will comprehensively possess an eagle-eye approach to protect both your servers and data residing in it from vulnerabilities, such as spyware, Trojan, viruses, data loss, data breach, and asset theft scenarios. A secured data center service provider is the one that is integrated with high security modules.

Top 10 dedicated server hosting providers:

1) – Get dedicated server hosting at affordable prices.


3) Cloudoye

4) Computehost

5) Dialwebhosting

6) Milesweb

7) Hostgator

8) Hostinger

9) Digitalocean

10) Godaddy

At the end, would like to assert that if you are envisaging for a successful business and you have budget for dedicated servers, then no other options available in the web hosting industry such as windows cloud hosting or Linux cloud hosting can leverage your business as dedicated server hosting itself.

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