Things to Know before Choosing Colocation or Dedicated Server Hosting

Jul 28,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Server colocation hosting as well as dedicated server hosting are highly appreciated for their wide array of features. Potential users of server hosting can choose either of these two hosting solutions by analyzing their budgetary provisions, extent of complexities associated with enterprise IT infrastructure and the total number of dedicated servers Rental required for fulfillment of their hosting requirements. 

The selection of a hosting solution must incorporate a long term business strategy by considering foxed monthly costs. Right decision of selecting one of the two hosting solutions has potential to leave a long term impact on your business down the years. 

It is therefore essential to understand the two most popular hosting options before arriving at the final decision. 

Server colocation

In server colocation Delhi, NCR, the servers are owned by client enterprises for positioning these at data center facilities operated by web hosting providers. The colocation facilities are built in remote locations that are not prone to natural disasters such as earth quakes, tornadoes, or snow storms among others. 

On the other hand, ownership of dedicated servers remains with hosts in dedicated server hosting. In most of the cases data center facilities are not owned by hosts of dedicated server hosting.

Enterprises are allowed to implement applications, software and design hardware and security parameters as per their requirements by users of colocation hosting. One of the important aspects of colocation hosting is the responsibility of maintaining and updating servers remains with the users and not the hosts.

This underlines the significance of distance between user’s location and colocation facility. The travelling time between these two locations must be convenient and comfortable for technical professionals to travel for troubleshooting or updating the software. This will determine whether your IT personnel would require being physically present at remote colocation facilities or you will have to seek help of colocation provider. It is observed that some colocation hosts charge reasonable fees for executing any technical assistance that involves anything more than routine resetting of servers. 

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It is therefore recommended that users should look into all aspects of technical assistance before availing colocation hosting. Several colocation service users make it a point to keep extra components as spares for hastening repair job. 

Dedicated server hosting

When the hosts rent their own or leased dedicated servers to enterprises for hosting their websites and online applications, the arrangement is usually known as dedicated server Control Panels hosting. 

Dedicated server can be offered for hosting by providers by implementing a custom configuration that is required by client. Users can get dedicated servers in multiple permutations of hard drive, CPU, RAM, bandwidth, and control panels just to name a few. Dedicated server hosting plans range from highly affordable ones to those costing few thousand dollars per month

The most compelling benefit of a dedicated server hosting is freedom from concerns about maintenance and upkeep of the dedicated server which is being hosted by the organization. Managed hosting services are rarely offered in colocation hosting. However, these are very common in dedicated server hosting packages

Decision to adopt managed dedicated hosting services entirely depends upon availability of proficient IT teams within enterprises. This is because all activities that include maintenance and system admin tasks need an in-house team with remarkable technical prowess. Your IT staff must have ability to remotely control server operations by executing different commands for achieving remote server management. If this is not the case, then you would be better off by going for managed dedicated hosting. 

Factors that influence the hosting decision

Broadly speaking, colocation hosting and dedicated server hosting can both be considered as providers of backbone infrastructure to website operations. However, if a user needs to implement complex workloads as mirroring, incorporate multiple set-ups, or execute load balancing application, then colocation server hosting would be a better choice. Server colocation is also an ideal way to support and accommodate long term growth and expansion plans. 

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It would be hard or almost impossible to get an affordable dedicated server hosting plan that comprises of multiple HDDs, hardware RAID, and 2U chassis. However, you can always find a reasonably priced colocation server solution that can incorporate such resources. 

Your banks and clients would find the feature of a colocation server more attractive as it adds to your net-worth. It will also help depreciate expenses and reflect as profits in your income statements if the accrual accounting method is being used. 

Colocation demands greater amount of technical sophistication and is therefore not an attractive option for most of the small enterprises that have limited financial resources. 

On the other hand, users are not required to invest heavily in procurement of a dedicated server in a dedicated hosting environment as the server itself is offered on rental basis by the hosting service provider. 

You can have your website up and running in matter of one or two days if you have decided to select a dedicated hosting package.

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