VPS vs Dedicated Hosting – Which is Best?

Mar 04,2022 by Neha Dubey
VPS vs Dedicated Hosting

VPS hosting and dedicated servers are not different because VPS hosting is just a subset of a dedicated server. Just like dedicated servers, you get complete control over VPS Hosting so that you can make changes whenever you need to. 

Moreover, a VPS hosting costs less than a dedicated server. You also get the choice between Linux and Windows VPS hosting. Both servers are adaptable, allowing you to add or eliminate applications as needed. 

Along with it, you get a lot of benefits, including reliability, cost-effective solutions, C-Panels, High Speed, Security, cloud storage, and so on. 

Besides, there are numerous incredible advantages to using Windows VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting, but these are only for those with high-traffic websites. So, if you have a great website that is attracting a lot of visitors, you’re probably wondering about the significant gains of upgrading to a new hosting. 

If yes, you have two options: VPS (virtual private server) or dedicated hosting. Both hosting offers incredible benefits and are better than shared hosting. While both are unquestionably better, it’s critical to understand the key differences between VPS vs dedicated, so you can select the best option for your website.

In this post, we shall discuss the key difference between VPS and dedicated server hosting so that choosing the best becomes easy for you. 

So, let’s get started…

A Brief Overview of VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers 

What exactly is a Virtual Private Server? 

A virtual private server or VPS is a virtual machine that an Internet hosting service sells as a service. It stores the data of multiple clients on a single physical device. However, unlike shared hosting, it separates renters using a virtual server.

All clients on the server appear to be using their dedicated machine, thereby saving both resources and money, thus name.

VPS hosting is physically similar to shared hosting. In contrast to dedicated server vs VPS, (VPS) hosting offers more resources, including memory, processing capacity, and the ability to execute CPU-intensive applications or modules. A VPS server guarantees dedicated resources for customers, as contrast to shared hosting. Virtual private servers are superior to shared servers in terms of security, software, and resource availability.

What exactly is a Dedicated Server?

As the name says, a dedicated server is a type of web server that is completely dedicated to a single person, organization, or application. 

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A hosting, cloud or managed service provider (MSP) deploys, hosts, and manages a dedicated server. These servers are meant for one customer, service, or application and are not shared with other customers, services, or applications.

A dedicated server functions similarly to an in-house server; however, it is owned, operated, and managed by the hosting service provider. The users/clients make the connection to the dedicated server remotely via the Internet to perform a set of server-based services.

In this type of hosting, a single client has access to all the physical server’s resources, including network access, memory, processing power, cloud storage, and hard drive storage capacity. 

VPS vs Dedicated Hosting – The Key Differences

Here are the critical differences between VPS hosting and Dedicated Servers. These differences are based on several parameters. Going through these parameters will help you make an informed decision between VPS vs dedicated.


In terms of speed, the dedicated environment is beneficial over VPS hosting. The virtual layer is absent in a dedicated environment, which allows for data pass-through without a lag. As a result, site load times and required response actions are faster.


Undoubtedly, a dedicated server provides resources in abundance when it comes to resources. Be its CPU power, cloud storage, memory, storage space, processing resource-intensive software modules, and other hardware-based attributes; no virtual server can provide this level of resources. 


A dedicated server allows the website owners to customize the server however they see fit. There are practically limitless configurations and limitations when it comes to a VPS environment. Of course, you cannot install anything that will jeopardize the security or integrity of other clients on the server. 

In addition, a dedicated server allows you to install large-scale software packages without any hassle. In contrast, you get much less capacity within the VPS environment which prevents you from installing large-scale software packages. 


A dedicated hosting environment is usually a far more efficient option if you require reconfiguration or maintenance. Managing resources becomes easier with only one client on the server. It is because a managed solution eliminates the need for server technicians and software engineers within the dedicated space to trawl through competing data feeds to solve your problem. Aside from that, a dedicated server lets you access a more comprehensive range of solutions and processes. 


In terms of cyberattacks, dedicated hosting is thought to be more secure than virtual hosting. A dedicated server is managed by a single client, which eliminates the possibility of security breaches from outside sources.

However, VPS hosting is more secure when it comes to security breaches from within the organization. In a virtual environment, data is thought to be more protected from internal theft.


You may need to scale your resources at any time. Hence, it is crucial to have a hosting that can be scaled with ease and comfort. Scaling in a virtual environment is more intuitive than in a dedicated hosting environment. Windows VPS hosting lets you use only a portion of the available resources on a physical server. Allocating these resources is much easier, as you don’t need to make any hardware changes.

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However, you get access to the entire hardware resource base with a dedicated server. So, when you plan to scale up with it, it necessitates the addition of slots or modules to the dedicated device, which is both a costly and time-consuming affair. Also, you cannot do it in real-time, so having a backup plan in place is crucial to avoid outages.


Undoubtedly, in VPS vs dedicated servers, the latter are costlier than VPS hosting because you are the sole owner of a dedicated server. Windows VPS hosting is a less expensive option. It is because multiple clients use a single physical space that enables the host to split the cost of hardware operations among all users. The client essentially pays for a portion of the server but has full access to the hardware performance. 

Dedicated Server vs VPS : Which is best? 

Well, when it comes to dedicated server vs VPS, this significantly depends on your needs. There are vast distinctions between a Virtual Private Server and a Dedicated Server, making a dedicated server a better choice. However, you determine which one is best for your company by specific criteria and specifications.

Large firms and enterprises opt for dedicated servers as their requirements are different from Small to medium-sized businesses. SMBs are frequently the best candidates for a VPS.

In certain scenarios, such as a startup, investing in a dedicated server might be excessive, given the unnecessary resources. More frequently, VPS hosting is perceived as the optimal choice for small to medium-sized expanding businesses, catering to consistent web traffic. This comparison between dedicated server vs VPS illuminates the importance of choosing the right hosting service for varying business needs.

Virtual solutions are less expensive. That’s the reason more small and medium-sized businesses invest in Windows VPS hosting. You can achieve your goals with VPS hosting. All you have to make sure of is to select a reputable VPS hosting service provider. 

Cloud vs VPS vs Dedicated 

If you are already using VPS or dedicated hosting for your website, the idea of switching to the cloud must have come to your mind. People often search to understand the difference between vps and dedicated server hosting but they forget to consider the cloud as an option. Using a Cloud server saves you from downtime leading to offering a better user experience to the customers. 

Below we are listing the major difference between vps and dedicated server hosting and cloud hosting: 

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When it comes to scaling, cloud hosting usually tops the list. Cloud hosting comes integrated with extensive features and allows you to up and down your resources with ease. 

On the contrary with VPS hosting, the scalability of resources is possible but has its limitations. However dedicated hosting requires setting up hardware to add the resources and taking it out when you wish to remove the added resources. 

Cloud vs VPS vs Dedicated winner in terms of Scalability – Cloud hosting 


Cloud hosting is mostly preferred for its speedy performance. It is ideal for a website that receives uneven traffic as it allows you to allocate resources instantly as per the need. Even though a VPS server offers good performance, but lacks when compared to cloud hosting and is ideal for websites that receive medium traffic. 

Dedicated server hosting offers unbeatable performance and response time. It outdoes all major servers because of the dedicated resources that promise consistent performance. 

Cloud vs VPS vs Dedicated winner in terms of performance- Dedicated server 


When you use Cloud hosting, you don’t have to worry about the downtime as it runs smoothly even when you add or remove resources. However, in the case of VPS servers and dedicated hosting, it depends on the hosting provider. As per the industry standard, the guaranteed uptime by all major cloud hosting providers is 99.9%. 

Cloud vs VPS vs Dedicated winner in terms of performance- Cloud hosting

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right hosting environment can be a game-changer for your website. You can have the happiest customers and improve your bottom lines with a good hosting service. However, it is crucial to ask the right questions and have an agile technology plan in place to accomplish your goal.

Remember the plan that you will choose will significantly impact your company’s digital operations. Hence, it is imperative to evaluate your requirements before you pick a hosting solution for your business. You must not put your money into a costly but not very effective plan. Make sure to choose the best host for your requirements. Select 4-5 service providers, compare their services based on security, flexibility, and configuration requirements. 

Numerous companies provide hosting services; all you have to do is contact the right one. With years of experience, Go4Hosting is the leading cloud consulting service provider. We provide the best and most cost-effective windows VPS hosting services. 

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