Online presence of a business has become essential nowadays, especially when the world is moving towards a digitized era. It has not only remained confined to businesses only. In fact, personal initiatives also need online presence to reach target online audience. Whether you have a personal project or a business for domestic audience or international one, you always need website of your own. It can project your business or personal initiative best online. When it comes to website, it needs a name, which is also called an address. That’s where the need for a domain name becomes so important.

When choosing a website name or address, it is important to choose a domain extension. There are generally two kinds of domain registry –

  • Universal domain registry – Some of the common examples of this type include .com, .co, .org, .edu, and others.
  • Country specific or localized domain registry – Some of the most common examples include .ng (for Nigeria), .in (India), .co.uk (United Kingdom), and many more.

If your target audience lives solely in the Nigeria geographical location then choosing a domain name extension of .NG should be the most suitable one. “Dot NG” is nothing but the Country Code Top Level Domain of Nigeria, one of the fastest growing African countries in the world.

A joint survey was conducted back in 2013 by the National Bureau of Statistics as well as SMEDAN (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria). The survey found out that in Nigeria itself there are around 37 million enterprises that come within the SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) paradigm. This category of enterprises includes medium, small, and micro sized ones. These enterprises are also called in short form as MSMEs.

It’ll be a cool thing if a sizable number of this micro, small, and medium sized enterprises go for their online presence and choose a domain name with extension ending with .NG. It not only provides these websites a national identity but also helps search engines to understand for which geographical location these websites are created to serve.

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If a Nigerian business entity or an individual has to embrace use of .NG domain name, the person or business manager must know the associated business benefits that the .NG extension brings with itself. Some of the most important benefits associated with .NG Domain are highlighted in this piece of article –

Benefit #1 –

If you choose a business domain name with .NG, it means they will have the highest potential for being ranked on the search engines in Nigeria. This is because localization is one of the major parameters of all leading search engines including Google. The Google engineers believe that the Nigeria domain names serve the purpose of the users most suitably. This is because of the localized nature of the domain name (Dot NG).

When you choose a .NG website domain name, you will automatically get mileage during the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process. This factor is generally not kept in mind by the website owners at the time of choosing domain name. That’s why they suffer at the time of ranking their site higher on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Therefore, it is important to choose an .NG domain name from the time you choose a name for the domain. Once you get a higher placement in the organic search of a search engine, you will automatically get more traffic.

If you are targeting Google search engine then you should keep in mind that the search engine behemoth itself has .com.ng as well as .ng domains. If you are as forward thinking company as Google, you must also keep this domain name tips in mind and choose both .com.ng and .NG domain names.

Benefit #2 –

When your business has a .NG domain name extension, it gives your business an added trust factor to the target audience in Nigeria. As the owner or manager of a website targeted for Nigerian audience, you must know that NiRA or Nigeria Internet Registration Association manages the .NG domain name. If there are any problems with the concerned website then the clients can lodge complaints with the trusted organization of Nigeria.

Benefit #3 –

One of the main advantages of having .NG domain is that they are affordable in nature. The Nigerians can make payment for buying .NG domains in local currency, which is Naira. This point is important to highlight because the foreign domains require payments in foreign currency for domain registration. That’s why the local Nigerian domains are highly cost effective than the foreign domains. The MSME companies are always starved of enough funds for running the business. That’s why going for .NG domains will also save them valuable money, which they can use for core business operations.

Benefit #4 –

Speed of the website plays important role in ranking it is a search engine. If you have a foreign domain name extension then it usually comes with a delay in web page opening. This delayed response time can be done away with if you choose a localized Dot NG domain string. It improves website speed, which is an important parameter for ranking a website in leading search engines (such as Google).


In .NG registry of Nigeria, it has been estimated that there are around 100,000 domains. When it is compared with that of South Africa, it is much less than that. South Africa’s .Co.Za registry has over one million country specific domain names. This is especially important to note that the total population of South Africa is significantly lesser than that of Nigeria. While Nigeria has an estimated popular of around 190 million populace, South Africa has a total population of just around 55 million.

The rate of adoption of .NG registry has accelerated. The acceleration has been geared up after the government’s decision of going for .NG domain registry. Nigeria Internet Registration Association has done a great job in this end. After the government department’s decision of choosing .NG domains, many businesses are also following suit to gain the Nigerian advantage.