How Web Hosting Service Providers Enhance SEO Performance

Jul 26,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Companies clamor to get web visibility, but in conflict to what most people believe, the battle do not begin with analytics and keywords. It begins when you search the right service provider.

While a good hosting service does not do everything that is needed to boost your rankings, a bad host can actively spoil your chances to do so.

Here are a few factors that affect how web hosting service providers enhance SEO performance.


We must understand that search engine spiders visit your site frequently, and if they do so during a downtime, they will be quick to register that it is inaccessible and move on to the next site.  

Repeated such occurrences will prompt the search engine to flag the site as unreliable.

It is for this reason business or high performance sites are not satisfied with even 99% uptimes. They demand nothing less than 99% uptime.


Any web surfer knows that sluggish page load time is revolting. Google made this aspect very clear when it stated that page load is a very critical factor for ranking a website. While page load is only one of the many several factors affecting SEO, it is worthwhile not to ignore it.

You may wonder what a service provider has to do in this setting.

Quite a lot, because performance counts – for example if your site is tethered to a server shared by scores of other companies, there is every chance that performance can come down.

Yes, you do have options to choose among shared, VPS and dedicated plans, but at the end of the day, inclusive features offered by the hosting service has a strong bearing on the kind of experience your website delivers to customers.

Server location

You may wonder what the correlation is between server location and SEO.

Here is one forceful reason why a web host’s location can have a significant bearing.

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Google systematizes search results based on relevance. One of the underlying factors for this search engine giant is the location where the search is originated. Fundamentally, results delivered by a search in a specific country will prioritize websites in that country.

No wonder, smart entrepreneurs while choosing a web host consider where the server is located. Therefore, it makes good sense to select a hosting service that has servers and other infrastructure located at the same place where your website is focusing business on.

Server quality

When selecting a web hosting service, it is vital to consider the quality of their servers.

Before choosing ask the service following questions:

  • Does it have backup servers?
  • Will your website be visible even when there are server issues?
  • Is it backing your files even when there is a server crash?

Getting answers to above will provide you a clue as to where you stand on your online presence and on delivering stable user experience – and in the process enhancing your SEO.

The screen that you display to your clients is vital. It must inspire them to connect to your business, and also by sending a positive signal to the search engines regarding your website’s online quality. And here, your web hosting provider has a key role to play.

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