Various Forms of Web Hosting Services

Jul 25,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Web Hosting is an optimal method to interact with the world globally. Do you know there are several platforms for hosting a website? These are- cloud hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and many more. Go through this blog post to know more about the different web hosting solutions available in the present time:

Shared Hosting: This is one of the most fundamental hosting types, whereby multiple numbers of client are hosted on one server. The shared hosting service provider is in charge of maintaining and managing the server. A client is provided with some storage space, bandwidth, CPU, etc. to perform business actions.

Dedicated Server HostingDedicated server hosting allows client to utilize complete resources for only his/her business operations. Straight from the CPU, RAM, bandwidth, and control – all the components are intended towards accomplishing goal of the one who owns a dedicated server. With dedicated hosting, many of the hosting companies offer service level agreement on network uptime and support.

VPS Hosting: This web hosting facility allows multiple clients to share the resources, however in a standardized pattern. VPS server is separated into different layers using virtualization technique, which ensures that all the segregated layers do not intrude its neighbor home.

These are a few of the known web hosting services. I will ensure that in my next blog I come up with other hosting solutions offered by the web hosting service providers. But before bidding you goodbye… I would like to recommend all my friends that prior to choosing any of the web hosting solutions for your business – consider  two pointers – first, what you want an

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