How you could leverage YouTube for your Domains and Web Hosting Business

Jul 26,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Many organizations are using the social and digital media platforms to promote their online business. YouTube is the largest social media platform for video content. Customers also have been finding it more convenient as they are able to view the products. With YouTube, clients now find additional means to increase traffic to their website that could be beneficial and lead to more conversions.

Why choose You Tube?

You Tube is the second largest search engine and has about 100 hours of video content being uploaded per minute. It just ranks behind Google and Facebook having the third largest number of visitors on the internet. Customers can include lots of information to their video to make it more presentable and engaging. It is also easier to upload videos on You Tube. Consumers find it more convenient to watch videos rather than read advertising content. The clients can also give video tutorials of the usage and benefits of their products.

How to promote Business

Domain name and web hosting service providers can upload their videos on the different domain names they offer and the best ways of selecting and buying a domain name. They can give a tutorial on the various points a customer has to consider while buying the services of a hosting provider. They could promote their services by posting customer reviews, and the recognition and awards they have won. They can in briefly highlight the advantages of various hosting platforms they offer and the advantages organizations get using the hosting provider services.

Steps involved

Customers wanting to use YouTube to promote their business have to register with Google by having a Gmail account. The account name should be relevant to the business they plan to promote avoiding spaces and special characters. Then they can upload the videos with images and pictures about the products and services they offer as their business. The videos again can be redirected to the customer’s website with appropriate tags and keywords.

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A crucial point the clients have to ensure is that the videos have to be eye catching with high quality illustrations, short and memorable taglines and audio cues to attract and absorb the visitor’s attention. It should be specific focusing on the core products and stress on the benefits the visitors will get buying the services. The customer should update the videos at regular intervals with new product launches and tutorials to retain the returning visitors.

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