Modernize Data Center Power for a Sustainable Future

Feb 14,2024 by Manoj Yadav
Data Center

Modern computing infrastructures cannot even think to operate in the absence of data centers. But it’s not just about cloud computing, with the emerge of so many kinds of computing and multiple infrastructures demand for the data centers have hiked. As services like colocation, reseller, etc. more and more people are turning up for cloud services. This is easing out their workload but increasing the demand for data center services in terms of both number and quality. The traditional data centers which used to operate years ago would not be able to handle the kind of variable demands now pop up.

The data center energy usage is not going to deplete any time soon and simultaneously going up the demand for renewable energy resources. As the deteriorating situation of the environment is known to each, utilizing renewable resources is the demand of the year.

The importance of data center services is no less as it covers communication services, energy systems, transport, and health services. The problem now lies not only in how the power is consumed but also how it is generated. Even a small data center can save tons of energy and can also be responsible for wasting dollars on the wrong ways in which energy is consumed or generated. The management at a data center India should carry out tasks as per the right practice that is sustainable both for the data center specifically and also for the environment.

Addressing this situation is the need of the hour. Industries need to implement energy-efficient as well as energy effective data centers to fight this issue. Many of us may be unaware of the fact that data centers contribute a lot in utilizing the current electrical loads of the overall electricity infrastructures. The electrical systems are so already overloaded that even the idea of opening up a new data centers gets into the nerves of the electrical engineers.

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Any data center should have an adequate system for the main power supply and further cooling that is required. Data centers mostly operate at their maximum capacity and thus no additional strain can be imagined by the concerned electricity provider.

If we see the energy consumption statistics for the data centers, then the percentage increase is quite dramatic. But why is it so that data centers in India require so much energy consumption? The data center’s design flaw leads to suboptimal efficiency, preventing a significant portion of cooling capacity from reaching the actual racks.

Data Centers Go Green: Power Consumption Slashed 80%

1. Replacing diesel generators

While diesel has historically been the go-to fuel for data center generators, its cost and environmental impact demand a rethink. Managing diesel logistics and adhering to security protocols are burdensome, and the need for regular refueling disrupts operations. Fuel cells could replace diesel, offering similar reliability and power density. However, their higher cost and design needs require exploring other options. Instead of relying on traditional sources, generating renewable energy on-site presents a sustainable alternative. Waste heat from data center cooling serves as the fuel, resulting in significantly lower emissions.

2. Elastic Data Centers

 A data center’s resilience should be top-notch and should surpass the average market standards. To ensure high resilience, data center designers prioritize essential systems and optimize infrastructure, minimizing unnecessary redundancy. This should count failures in generators and power outages into account. Also, the infrastructure of any data center should be redundant enough to achieve the Tier IV data center tag. With this achievement, the bar of 99.995 % of uptime seems to be easily achievable. Gas-powered data centers are always at the desired state of redundancy level, similar to a Tier IV of 2N+1. 

3. Eliminating Zombie Servers

A surprising number of resources in fully-functional data centers go completely unused. But with the fast-moving pace of the business, experts very often overlook such factors. Those non-working parts are still receiving power and intentionally or unintentionally are utilizing a very big chunk of the energy. According to a general study, in most of the data centers, 25% of the physical servers and 30% of the virtual servers lay down in the dormant state. Prevent issues with well-functioning and efficient monitoring tools. This will bring indirect oversight and will make the servers mission-critical. 

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4. Standalone gas supply

Data centers without grid connections benefit most from gas generators. Hence, when data centers have their standalone gas supply generators they can utilize them more effectively. Standalone gas supply makes the power supply continuous and thus less energy goes into waste. 

5. Best in the market supplier

A good camaraderie with your energy supplier can abridge your energy expenses surprisingly. This unique supplier helps you save significant energy costs by recommending the most efficient fuel for your needs. Beyond fuel recommendations, they can save you time researching energy solutions, allowing you to focus on your core business.      

Tackling data power issues is not a one-day thing but with the right approach and determination can be curbed before time. Alternatives to diesel, like liquid and compressed natural gas, can initially seem costly. But give it some time and trust me it will turn out to be very beneficial. Also, it’s not just a matter of cost, keeping our environment safe and sound is also one of our major responsibilities. With the right set of plans and decision making, you are all set to go.

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